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  • Darkest Hour Released

    Greetings from the,

    In case you haven’t heard, the newest version of Darkest Hour: Europe ‘44-‘45 has just been released on Steam. As one of its largest communities, we’re happy to pronounce that it is the most realistic World War II first-person shooter on the market! We’re posting here to make sure you get the chance to try it out.

    For those of you who haven’t tried it yet, Darkest Hour consists of:

    • Realistic Infantry Combat
    • Realistic Tank Warfare
    • Massive 200 sq. km. Levels
    • Para-dropping/Airborne landings
    • Various Transport Vehicles/APCs
    • Squad-based Combat & Proximity-based Communication
    • Live the D-Day Invasion of several beaches
    • 64 Player Server Capacity
    • Controllable Artillery Strikes
    • Amazing Graphics

    There’s so much more. The new mouth-watering trailer (below) speaks for itself – definitely check it out. We’ve also put together a short page on our own elaborating on these features (

    Darkest Hour is built on the game Red Orchestra, which is a similar game between the Soviet and German armies. Darkest Hour is free, but in order to play it, you must have Red Orchestra installed. Normally Red Orchestra costs fifteen dollars through Steam, but it is on sale until Monday 15 June to promote the release of DH.

    That means that if you get RO before Monday, it will only be $4.99 – you can then download DH through Steam (it’s free). As far as I’m concerned, five bucks for two games is one hell of a deal.

    Just to be clear, we are not affiliated with the developers or Steam – we are a 140+ member realism unit who want to get the word out about the release because it’s a great game. We’ve been playing the earlier versions for a year now and we look forward to you guys joining the DH community.

    So while it’s still on sale:

    • Step 1. Watch the trailer:
    • Step 2. Get Red Orchestra for $4.99:
    • Step 3. Get Darkest Hour (free):

    See you in Normandy!

    Major Wilson
    29th Infantry Division
    116th Regiment, 1st Bn
    Battalion Commander

    EDIT: Guys, it didn't allow me to include the proper hyperlinks since I haven't got 15 posts on here. I've been a member for about a year, and read a bit in the Unreal/RO section as I do plugin coding. Just never needed to make a post until now :P

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    Re: Darkest Hour Released

    This sounds really cool.


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      Re: Darkest Hour Released

      Ok.. I played a bit of RO when it was first out a few years ago..and of course some other game jumped in and tooks it's place quickly, like so many others.. But I DL'ded RO and also DH.. I must say, that with the right bunch of guys you get a Unique Front Lines Expierience. I think it's the sound that does it, but it is very hectic and tense. The limitations of the weapon (single shot to start out with) adds to it.
      The Graphics are dated..but after you play a bit you can get over it. It does make fro a good gaming expierince. I recommend RO and the Darkest Hour MOD. Just give it some time...Learn the maps (there are many) and follw the crowd out the door. Just Like WW2....there will be lots of Deaths.. It's just who dies the least and who got's the guts to push forward will win the day.
      There are several servers who play with 25 on 25... so get in and give it a shot... You may like this budget title..
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        Re: Darkest Hour Released

        FYI..RE: ... Looks VERY TG'ish!!!
        |TG|ARMA Pathfinder where did I put my keys?




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