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    Anybody else get this? It's been out in stores for a couple of days.

    First impression: It's nice looking. An improvement over RvS. It does need some patching though. The filter for coop on the server list doesn't work. The command interface is similar to SWAT 3 but only in SP. For MP, it's completely different. It's still not too bad giving orders but the cool things in SWAT 3 are gone. You can't give orders through the helmet cams anymore. It's only available in SP. It is 5-player coop but that's not too bad. It makes it easier to organize and the levels aren't that large as expected for most SWAT situations. A mission should take a good 30-45 minutes. It's slow-paced unlike RvS. Remember those rules of engagement!

    Second impression: I hate trying to stay connected to a server. After a mission attempt, it reloads the map after debriefing. I seem to have trouble staying connected so it times out after a couple of minutes. Then I can reconnect to the server. The less-than-lethal (LTL) weapons are interesting. It's different using them but they do work if you have a variety of LTL weapons. Sometimes a pepper-ball to the face doesn't work and you have to taze the suspect. The command interface is still a little annoying but I'm getting used to it. The old style isn't like the old SWAT 3 style but it is faster to give orders once you remember the keys. The new style is slower but you don't have to memorize as much. I wish it would combine both styles so I can give orders using the mouse-menu and use the keys. Using those rules of engagement is becoming instinctive now. Those perps can really pull a fast one on you if you don't pay attention. LTL weapons can help eliminate the decision to engage or not but you may still get nailed for unnecessary use of force.

    Overall: Framerates are decent. I get about the same as RvS. It may need some tweaking as some are having problems once getting in a firefight. Game play is intense. It takes a lot of teamwork and proper movement to get through a mission. Sound is decent. I'm not too fond of them but at least they don't sound like crap. There are problems with playback though. Sometimes it plays fast and high-pitched or sounds garbled. Hopefully a patch will address some of the connection issues, server list filter bug and sound problems.

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