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  • Wolfenstein

    I am really excited about this game
    I always really like ID studio's games

    and its out in a week and a half

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    Re: Wolfenstein

    I've always been a fan of the Wolfenstein series... even when it was a 2D side scroller on the Apple ][.

    I will most definitely be buying this title. It comes out on my birthday as well... good timing.


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      Re: Wolfenstein

      in the UK this is out next Friday and the amazon price was good, I am eager to get my hands on this one ! :)


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        Re: Wolfenstein

        Damonte played the original Castle Wolfenstein on his Commodore 64...

        And the follow-up, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein...


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          Re: Wolfenstein

          Awesome find, Damonte!

          That's exactly what I played on my Apple ][.


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            Re: Wolfenstein

            There's been some kind of mistake and this game is out in US and not out yet in UK !


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              Re: Wolfenstein

              I'm only in the second mission and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.


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                Re: Wolfenstein

                I am enjoying the game but It does feel dated, 5 years ago this would have been great but now, its a solid FPS but nothing special

                I would advise, wait 6 months then get it cheap

                PC reviews are giving it 75%


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                  Re: Wolfenstein

                  I finished playing Wolfenstein yesterday and I must say that after the original "Ooooh! Shiney!" mindset I found myself very disappointed by the experience.

                  Lets start with the last part I looked at (briefly) and that's the multiplayer. In a word I can sum it up as 'simplified'. Oh course, that's because in comparison to RTCW, RTCW:ET, and QW:ET it has had more corners cut from it than a circle. There are 3 classes: engineer, medic, and soldiers. Field ops has been cut away and split between engineer (ammo resupply) and soldier (thrown artillery). Covert ops has been cut as well and now everyone has a sniper rifle (purchasable scope and heavy caliber upgrade for all classes) and the soldier totes the satchel charge. In play each player has 4 tools of the trade on them: Pistol (secondary weapon), Main weapon (Mp40 and Sniper rifle for all classes with adv weapons for soldier), Pack (ammo, medical, and satchel charge for the three classes respectfully), and Veil power (purchased speed, area heal, and artillery). There's also the standard veil shift from the single player which has increased enemy spotting (they light up against the background) and increased movement speed, but if you haven't bought your veil power there's no reason to not be permanently shifted since it drains so slowly and if you have your class power you'll still spend a good deal of time in it since there are veil pools around the levels for quick recharges. There is no more tool for revives and construction anymore, instead you go to what you need to do (for each class) and hit F to do it. Though like QW:ET I found the medic class to be a bit difficult for revives since everyone either taps out or respawns so quickly I used it maybe once or twice when someone was sniped in front of me.

                  After playing with it briefly I got sick of it and seriously considered DLing and loading up RTCW:ET for something deeper along the same lines (AND free).

                  Now the single player campaign added a lot more depth to it from RTCW and was somewhat unsuccessful in how it accomplished it. One of the biggest improvements was the addition of the living world. You no longer go from stage to stage, but travel around the city doing objectives (eventually leading you to the next stage) for the two factions and progress that way. You earn cash and weapon/veil upgrades by finding hidden items (gold to buy stuff, intel to unlock weapon upgrades, tombs to unlock veil upgrades) and finishing the stages. Aiming is a bit more realistic for the standard guns since firing from the hip is dramatically inaccurate compared to aiming down the sights. But after that things start to break down.

                  Because you can buy ammo from the black market its incredibly scarce to find ammo if you're not poaching it off dead bodies. That means although you get some sweet super weapons, the rarity of ammo means you'll fall back on the MP40 and Kar98 for everything until you find some MP43 wielding SS who you gun down to get ammo of that caliber. You can buy ammo, but you don't want to because you already can't buy every unlock even if you find everything in the game so wasting cash on ammo makes you weaker as you go.

                  In reality you can do most of the game with just the rifle fully unlocked because of several issues.

                  1) Auto-regenerating health makes 'fire fights' less threatening even on the hardest difficulty. If you can pop up, aim, kill someone, then duck under cover to regain full health you can repeat the process ad infinatum.

                  2) Enemy AI is 'smart' and 'set piece orientated' because, surprisingly, there is friendly fire. If 6 SS troopers ambush you in a narrow hallway then maybe only the first 2 can fire at you because the other 4 can't shoot without killing those in front of them (or in one case during gameplay shoot anyways and do your work for you). Also if you walk into a large room and have a full squad of 15 enemies come out the other side they don't fire and maneuver, but file in and spread out to take cover before trying to suppress you. It got to the point where I'd just trigger the veil and sprint at the enemy to disrupt their ranks (they don't fire accurately till they've taken cover) and beat them to death (if you're beating on someone everyone behind them can't shoot because of friendly fire). Also, shoot the guys in the cloth hats. The officers bark out order to maneuver and throw grenades so killing them made things much quieter as the grunts tried to kill me and my infinite health with small arms.

                  3) The rifle is just plain overpowered. The rifle is a one shot, one kill weapon (even the stronger enemies fall to a head shot) and the melee upgrade (bayonet about 1/3 through the game) kills everything in one hit and stuns the rest till you poke enough holes in them to accomplish the first. About 1/2 of the way through the game you can blow people apart with a body shot (limbs and head flying all over the place) and shortly after at around 2/3 you can upgrade so the shots travel through things (once blew apart an entire nazi squad marching down the street in ranks with a single shot). I completely forgot I even had grenades unless I came to those cheap "ha ha! No veil for you!" machines where I threw a nade at it and then proceeded as normal.

                  Also, the other 'bullet' weapons (MP40 and M43) feel like ass compared to the overpowered rifle. Even with heavy bore upgrade to the MP40 I was watching 2-3 shots bounce off someone's head because (in a strange twist of fate) helmets actually deflect shots. Hell, they even show wear and tear as each shot deflected leaves a dent mark before its knocked off completely. To kill someone with body shots takes about 5-6 bullets and that's more time than it takes to fire one shot from the rifle (even pegging someone on the foot with that bad boy un-upgraded takes out soldiers) and cycle the next round into the chamber.

                  Some of the ways they could have done it better? Ditch the regenerating health and use a system similar to L4D or even the medic packs in the multiplayer. A pack that regenerates a certain amount (or percent in L4D's case) overtime when used and you have to pick them up to have them handy. Limited health makes fire fights more dangerous which in turn makes fire power to suppress or deal with multiple enemies more important. The rifle being overpowered becomes less an issue if you can't pop up and kill enemies one by one due to a limited amount of health because you don't have the fire power to suppress and prevent the other enemies from whittling you down to nothing. Also adding a bounty on the street level or more effective ways of avoiding patrols would've helped. Friendly NPCs mention going through the sewers or over the roofs to avoid patrols and fights in the street but in reality there are NO paths in the sewers or on the roofs going where you need to go. I think the only 'roof path' I found was right next to the NPC that gave that advice and lead to 2 secret areas all of 20 feet away. Additional cash flow from the unavoidable patrols out of stages in the cities means more to spend on upgrades, more interest it things aside from your 'stock' weapons, and more cash to buy the ammo for the super weapons so you can whip those bad boys out more often.

                  There are a few extra things I'd say about the veil powers, but I think that would be consider a spoiler. ;)
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