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  • Section 8 Open Beta

    Originally posted by Mr.Jinx in the Irregulars forum:

    Originally posted by Mr.Jinx
    A futuristic fps (mplayer) I Played it for a couple of hours last night and it was fun, though took a feew rounds to get a hang of the game, still missing a few pices untill i've mastered the basics.
    Here's a link to a previous thread about the closed beta:

    Damonte is registered and downloading...

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    Re: Section 8 Open Beta

    Send me a pm if it's any good will ya?

    It'll take me a while to d/l and I don't want to bother if it's not that good! Thanks in advance!


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      Re: Section 8 Open Beta

      Most of you guys dont know me but I used to play 2142 with you alot. I worked with Spiff913. Anyway I have been in the Closed beta and now I am in open beta and I can say that this game has shaped up to be a really nice game. It is very squad based and team oriented which is why I am hoping TG picks this game up. If you guys do I would gladly join as I am looking for a clan that will play this game upon release.


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        Re: Section 8 Open Beta

        After watching a couple of videos it almost seems that jumping is an integral part of combat.


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          Re: Section 8 Open Beta

          I've just finished downloading and installing this, I'm gonna have some tea then have a go at it. I'll post my inane ramblings about mechs later.

          Edit: Well, I've played a few (four or five) rounds, and it's quite fun. At first I thought it was another boring FPS but with jetpacks and robots, and wasn't having a whole lot of fun. After about 30 minutes, I realised that different elements of your robo-suit can be combined into highly effective manouvres (the obvious being 'run fast, jump over enemy, drop grenade, shoot in back'). Then I realised how the missions work. Essentially, every now and then (I haven't worked out if it's timed, random or based on your team's score), your team gets assigned a mission. These are simple things like capturing the enemy's intelligence, or escorting an officer to another part of the map. You can do these missions to gain extra points, which can be spent on mech walkers, turrets, and other things not allowed in the beta (tanks, scanners, more advanced turrets). The points also help your team to win.
          It's quite fun, and a TG squad supporting each other by repairing each other's armour, covering each other and launching synchronised attacks would be devastating.
          Worth a play, I'll be buying this one when it comes out.

          (Oh, and if you're in a mech, you can pick up an enemy soldier and punch him away, Crysis style. :D)
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            Re: Section 8 Open Beta

            If you guys have any questions feel free to ask. Like I said I have been playing this for a while now. I have been hoping that TG would pick up because I really like how you guys move together to accomplish things like a squad should.


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              Re: Section 8 Open Beta

              I've played it and find it's a good game to play when not playing ArmA 2 ;-)
              This game begs to be played while in a tight squad. If you do this you will steam roll everything. The good thing is it promotes squad play and makes it easy to manage them.
              Pick a nite.
              I'll play.
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