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  • Quake 4

    Recently there has been a surge in news for this title slated to be released towards the end of 2005. News including a trailer to be shown at E3, possibility of a demo at QuakeCon 2005, interviews with the developers, new concept art, etc.

    The game is supposed to utilize the stunning Doom 3 engine and picks up from where Quake 2 (my personal favorite out of the series) left off.

    Being a huge fan of this series since day one, I absolutely cannot wait for this game to come out. Does anyone else feel the same?

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    Re: Quake 4

    Originally posted by .brok3n.
    The game is supposed to utilize the disappointing Doom 3 engine
    Fixed it for ya! :icon12:

    Seriously, without some serious upgrades to that engine, they're already behind the times. HL2 (Source), BF2 (game engine, not necessarily graphics), STALKER (supposedly) and heck, even FarCry put it to shame...
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      Re: Quake 4

      I like how in these screenshots you can actually tell the difference between the brown backgrounds and the characters. They've finally upgraded from 15,000 different combinations of brown shading and added in grey characters and guns.

      Explain the difference between Doom 3 and this Doom 3 1/2?

      Id must stick with zombies and "military styled" games because any form of color co-ordination seems to be out of the question for them.




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