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    Greetings everyone,

    With the number of players we now have I figured I would put this out there. If anyone has any ideas for New Areas, Items, (Although the module has pretty much all the items anyone could ever need) Quests, Or anything. I would be quite happy to add them into the world. If you want to make a new area or anytihng just drop me a line and we will get it in place.

    Also, I need help with the scripting. Because I am finding it difucult to understand the games scripting language I am not able to make the more interesting\advanced things I want to do. If anyone knows a little bit about NwN scripting give me a shout and perhaps we can get this rolling :)

    Any help is welcome,

    Thank you.


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    Glass of water

    You should make a desert where they have to find a glass of water. Only make it really hard to get a glass of water and fustraighting.

    On another note, it is bad living in the middle of nowhere having to wait a million years for an ISP to hook me up. I hope to get something going by June, but I am cynical.
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