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Right, let's stop being so rubbish...

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  • Right, let's stop being so rubbish...

    ...and start to complete this module! I hearby request that everyone stop messing around in the lower levels and get on with finding this here crown.

    The next stage as far as I see is to do the following:

    Get into Manataklos, and start beating up all the Drow Houses.
    Get into the Drow Arcane Academy, duff over the headmaster, and nick his loot.

    Once we can start doing missions like that with some ease, then I think that we can really push on to the next level. I know quite a few people say they have grown a little bored with this module, but like everything up to (and maybe including) Manataklos is about half the module. All the fun stuff is to come ;)

    And I'm fully prepared to go on a suicide run into the Rashids burial chamber if people are up for it. A high level Cleric with a maximised Blade Barrier would be a spiffing ally tho. Oh, and I believe that his Blodeness and Ruiner are now fully competent in the timestop counterspelling department, so YAY for some dragon killing :)

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    Re: Right, let's stop being so rubbish...

    Well, since I lack HotU, I stopped playing. Level 20 is good enough for me to get to the drow, but anything beyond that is too much for my poor level 20 ;)
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      Re: Right, let's stop being so rubbish...

      Hi Spyder,

      this module was actually not designed for characters to go past lv20 originally. I have played this module with characters that are capped at lv20, and it is completable. That said you do need a decent group, and I can understand that it'd be crap to be at lv20 partying with guys 7 levels above you that are having more fun. :(

      I managed to pick up the HotU expansion as part of a 3 games for 20 deal.


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        Re: Right, let's stop being so rubbish...

        All of the enemies on the module save one, are defeatable with a party of 20s. The Mother of all Dragons is the one I think would be the most dificult. But its possible :) You would be suprised how much difference 7 levels makes for those with HotU, But those without arent left cold, they still have some punch in them :P





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