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Black Exodus King of the Hill 2005

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  • Black Exodus King of the Hill 2005

    Hi There Fellow Cstrikers.....

    Black Exodus (the same guys that brought you the FU series and awp_ballcourt) is putting on a King of the Hill tournament. This is an open compitition that welcomes not only Black Exodus members, but also friends of the Black Exodus Clan and Cstrike players in general.

    The Contest is broken into 6 catatgories 1 Vs 1, 2 Vs 2, 3 Vs 3, 4 Vs 4, 5 Vs 5, And A Royal Rumble. To sign Up for the tourny goto and register after you have done that click on the details link located in the KOTH menu on the left side of the page. Our admins will then authenticate you and register you into the contest. This contest is free to enter and play and the Prizes "other than bragging rights" include Black Exodus shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, and all forms of shameless products from your friends at Black Exodus.

    Hope to see you all there.......GAME ON!!!! :D

    (to the admins: i hope you dont mind advertising this tournament on your forums, if you feel this is imappropriate please let me know and ill take it down. Not trying to steal your guys' thunder just trying to see if anyone's interested, TG players included. Hey the more the merrier. thanks)
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