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    I can't believe no one has made a thread about this game yet. Anyway, Guild Wars 2 is an MMO currently in development, with an interesting payment model. You buy the game once and never pay again. The game focuses more on the PvP element than the PVE element, but PVE certainly seems good too.
    Here are some videos about it by Total Biscuit:
    A PVP video
    A PVE video

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    Re: Guild Wars 2

    Well there was an old thread from around 8 months ago in the MMO forums (which this thread should probably be moved to because GW2 is an MMO). I am pretty excited, I have an ungodly amount of time spent playing Guild Wars and have been excited for GW2 for a while now. I have 29/50 points in HoM at, and essentially the rest are all points-to-be-bought, but those may take a while to get as my account was hacked last july and I lost ~800k and a ton of sup vigors, ectos, chaos gloves, zkeys, shards, and pretty much everything else that is worth anything at all so now I am running bare-bones. GW2 will be a blast though, and it will be interesting to see some TG guys playing it as I started with GW around 3-4 years before I even joined TG.

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