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Steam to host Skyrim mods via Steam Workshop

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  • Steam to host Skyrim mods via Steam Workshop

    An interesting little tidbit I found while researching a while ago, Steam plans to up their support for the modding community by allowing mods to be hosted via the Steam Workshop, an interesting new feature that allows mods to be directly uploaded from Steam rather than downloading from Nexus or PES and going through the sometimes quite complex installation processes.

    Bethesda have just announced that the Skyrim mod tools, the Creation Kit, will let players upload their mods to Steamís Workshop service. Thatís a slick, Valve-hosted database of user-made content thatís already being used for Team Fortress 2 models.

    Players will be able to choose the mods they want on the Steam Workshops website, even via mobile devices, and theyíll be downloaded and installed automatically the next time you play. More details and the release date below.

    If it works as planned, this will be a huge leap forwards for the accessibility modding, and a strong gesture of support from both Bethesda and Valve. More to the point, itís just going to be really easy and slick to try out the vast selection of amazing stuff Elder Scrolls fans always create.

    The normal methods of acquiring and installing mods, via places like TES Nexus, will still work.

    The Creation Kit will be out in January, and will apparently be even more versatile than Oblivionís tools, letting players mess with Radiant Story.

    You can read a bit more about what Bethesda are working on, Skyrim-wise, over on the Bethesda Blog.

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    Re: Steam to host Skyrim mods via Steam Workshop

    Anxiously awaiting. It's supposed to be out this month but have not heard a peep since the announcement. Hopefully soon. Lots of cool mods I want to use.
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      Re: Steam to host Skyrim mods via Steam Workshop

      You could always visit Skyrim Nexus. It's not difficult to install a mod, and if you install many of them, you'll want one of the available mod managers to control the all-important load order of your mods to prevent conflicts or bugs.




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