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  • WoW

    Well, i guess this is the right place for it.
    How many of you guys think you are going to get World Of Warcraft.... when it gets out.

    It looks like an awesome game, and i'll probably stop playing EVE, my current mmorpg, and pick this one up. I'm going to try to beta test this game, hopefully i'll get in. Beta isn't out yet, it should be out in January, so you guys still have time.
    What do you think of the game?

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    I'd like to play it, See what it's like, Blizzard owns, so it should be good, if not, it will atleast have kick ass graphics.
    - 52


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      total, just pick up war3
      I mean, warcraft 1.. plot.. uhm.. yeh, it wasn't that big from what i got.
      Warcraft 2 was good and there was some plot.. but i think warcraft3 fills you in as if you haven't played before..
      and WoW has nothing really to do with the other warcraft games. It takes place 4 years after war3 The frozen throne, and its all over the warcraft "world".


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        Re: WoW

        Well, when this thread first started, I applied to be a beta tester for WoW. Yesterday I was accepted. I'm not much of an RPG guy, but I've wasted most of this morning playing this game. It's pretty damn fun.

        They said that there's going to be an open beta as well, but I'd apply to beta test this game if you're interested in trying it out. It looks like they're letting lots of people join the beta test right now.
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