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  • Kingdom Hearts 2

    i already have this Square Enix RPG on pre-order for March 30

    anyone else planning on getting this game?

    EDIT: whoops, this isn't a multiplayer game, should've put it in General Discussion thread or something

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    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2

    oooh, i'm going to get this game as soon as i have the funds. it looks just great from top to bottom. there's only one thing i don't like about it, and that's the ties to games that not everyone is able to play in the us.

    the game follows a lot of what's told in chain of memories for the game boy advance. also, japan got a version of the first game called final mix that apparently ties up some loose ends in the transition. i'm still going to buy it as fast as i can, i just don't like it when game companies do things like that.


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      Re: Kingdom Hearts 2

      I'ma get it eventually I imagine.

      Right now I'm biding my time playing Shadow Hearts: From the New World. 'nother great PS2 RPG.
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