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  • Gothic 2: Gold

    I was happy a couple weeks ago to find Gothic 2: Gold at Best Buy. I still haven't played Gothic 1, but Gothic 2 was one of the best RPG's I had ever played. Gold includes an English version of the expansion pack Night of the Raven, which adds a substantial number of quests to the original game, including a brand new area just as big as the other 2, and a number of additional story, weapons, and stat tweaking. The game in now considered to be harder (especially if you want to be a Fire Magician). It also fills in alot of self-story areas. In Gothic 2 there are areas that have no actual purpose, and are just cool, or tell their own story through atmosphere. Now those areas are filled with actual story. For instance, the Goblin camp you first come across on your way to town in the beginning now introduces a character, and the Goblins are given a purpose.

    Anyway, I've been thoroughly enjoying this game so far, though am unfortunately stuck. I looked it up on Google and Gamefaqs, but the answers there don't work. Its in the new land when you have to answer several questions from a Ghost that are relevant to its lost society. I was under the impression that the answers were:
    What caste are you? Guardian of the Dead
    Who defends these lands? Warrior Caste
    Who can order me? Priest Caste
    Who brought on the evil? Warrior Caste
    Who has the final say in the council of 5? Scholars
    Who heals and tends to ailed people? Healers
    Who sealed the portal? Healers

    Anyone who may have played this game, aren't those the answers? Because the ghost keeps telling me I got it wrong.



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