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Guild Wars: How is it for casual gamer?

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  • Guild Wars: How is it for casual gamer?

    I'm thinking of picking up the new Guild Wars because the 1st one was apparantly great. My problem is that I don't have 20 hours to spend gaming in a week and they are not regular hours due to the existence of a wife and kid so I can't guarantee that I'd play "every night from 9pm to midnight" or something like that.

    Would I still enjoy Guild Wars because it's still possible to find reasonnable players on-line at any time or is the kind of game that you have to be part of a guild (or clan) to enjoy because otherwise you have to play almost in single player with bots?


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    Re: Guild Wars: How is it for casual gamer?

    While being a member of a guild is helpful, you can enjoy the game without having to join one. A few of us here are trying to get a guild together, so if you're interested show your support there, every bit counts.

    Its harder to find a group late at night in some areas. But you can always try using the international districts.

    If you have 1 or 2 hours, i'd say you would be able to enjoy the game.

    As I mentioned, a few of us are trying to get a guild. If you're interested, visit

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      Re: Guild Wars: How is it for casual gamer?

      Thanks, I've posted in the other thread. I'm pretty sure that I'll pick it up. The new guild you want to form will be for Factions, right?




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