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Nature Build Question - Titan Quest

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  • Nature Build Question - Titan Quest

    Would like to get some feedback on those who played with a Nature class character.

    I'm starting a new character and I've just chosen Nature as my first Mastery. If my primary class will be Nature, what points should I put into my attributes - Strength, Intelligence or Dexterity? Or should I take the second class into consideration before putting points into attributes?

    My first character was a Earth/Warfare and I may have put too much into intelligence so I'm trying to get a correct mix with my Nature build. It seems on my Earth/Warfare character I'm always finding weapons or armour that require a bit more strength than I have in the attribute.

    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Nature Build Question - Titan Quest

    I have a nature/warrior character and I'm in constant deficit of intelligence points so I just gave up and made warrioring my primary focus ;).

    I can now lay down the law at level 13 with over 170 DPS

    I think more than anything Nature is a hybrid class, if you're going to focus on spell casting and buffs, you'll need a large mana pool (for buffs that cut into your mana pool and to heal your wolf and nymph entourage who'll be doing your grunt work). You'll mostly be wearing leather/copper and not a lot of iron and bronze. So your armor attributes will be limited by your dex and int.
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