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Titan Quest - MP Sign Up Sunday 8/6

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  • Titan Quest - MP Sign Up Sunday 8/6


    Was thinking of getting a MP party going this Sunday 8/6 4pm (pacific standard time - please coordinate your time zone).

    I will be on Team Speak on the Titan Quest channel. I've played a bit with Snail and Killrogg and had a fun time. If you don't want to play then you can drop in for a trade if you so choose.

    I currently have a Earth/Warfare Lvl 32 (with a super strong Earth pet) in Legendary so bring your character within the same level range as that is whom I will be playing with Sunday.

    Hopefully we can get a full party of six so make a post if you can make it.

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    Re: Titan Quest - MP Sign Up Sunday 8/6

    I'm game! Sign me up.. I should be back from a family trip by then.

    Just send me a PM on Sunday to remind me I told you I'd be there... ;)
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      Re: Titan Quest - MP Sign Up Sunday 8/6

      I just bought the game bu tI don't think I can make that level by then but I will try to get in the ball park of that level. Will try to make it.




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