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  • Psu

    Hey guys, if anyone else picked up Phantasy Star Universe (on PC or PS2) look me up. My char name is Zarku.

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    Re: Psu

    Always was a Phantasy star fan, except the fact you could hack the game like crazy. It got worse on PC.

    Let us know how it is!

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      Re: Psu

      L20, CAST, Ranger (so you know where i am coming from)

      So far the game is pritty strait forward, log in, create a char with typical choices, a few head, torso, legs, arms and hair. The game have 4 basic races, Human, Newman, Beast and Cast (all around, Magic, Melee and ranged respectivly) and 3 classes: Hunter (melee), Ranger (archer/gunner) and Force (mage/healer), though they plan to add many hybrid prestige classes later.

      After creating your character, the game gives you a small tutorial, teaching you the basic concepts of movement, shops, attacks and the like. The tutorial is completely optional, however completing it gives you your first "disk," which is an item that teaches you a skill.

      The skill system is not very advanced or involved, you gain a skill or spell (they function the same way) and attach it to a weapon. Each skill or spell has a specific type of weapon and can be attached to, and each weapon type requires it's own skills. Skills level up as you use them, the more you use them the stronger they become. There are 3 types of skills in PSU, Hunter's specialize in Attack Skills, Melee attacks that do assorted things (aoe attacks, como attacks etc). Rangers gain access to "bullets," special properties you can add to a ranged weapon, such as Ice which Freezes or Fire which ads a DoT. Forces gain access to standard magic, which ranges from Healing to Attack spells to buffs.

      The mission system is similar to Guild Wars, you get a quest from town and get transported to the location, where you fight through a "dungeon" like tracked mission. You must stay on the path and enemies will spawn as you move along. Each mission has multiple levels, called Blocks, and multiple versions of each block, though each version does not change. You gain exp by killing creatures in the mission, which adds to your over all Character Level. When you finish a mission, you are given a rank depending on how well you do. The better you do the more Messa (money) and Class Points you get. Class points are exp for what ever class you are using. As you level in each you gain extra bonuses in that classes prime stats.

      The Combat is where PSU is at its best. It is twitch style, similar to Dynasty Warriors or other brawlers such as those. You move around freely and can attack from any angle. This allows you to actively dodge (not block) enemy attacks and plan your own. You have to physicaly aim/line up your attacks and move close to your enemy. Each weapon is unique, not just in stats, but in the attack style and range. Larger weapons allow you to hit more enemies at once, but give you less controll and takes longer to swing. Being able to have multiple weapons, and change on the fly, allows for many quick combos and strategies in combat.

      Over all, the game is a decent Online RPG, though calling it an MMORPG just feels wrong. The game includes a single player, which adds to the value (though online does still cost a fee, $9.99 USD/m for PC versions), it does suffer from a lack of replay, due to the repetetive nature of the missions, there are currently only about 5 mission lines (each line has 2-4 missions in it, with 3 dificulty settings on each). For those are FPS players, looking to move into the Online/MMO RPGs, and find WoW overwelming, Phantasy Star Universe will make a very good gateway game.


      Fast Gameplay
      Pritty, Anime Style graphics.
      Decent Weapon Sellection, and each weapon functions diferently.

      Repetetive Nature
      Very Little character depth
      limited class/race selection




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