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  • Shadowrun - null's game

    So I'm considering running a shadowrun rpg session. No, not the FPS coming out for PC and Xbox, but the table top version.

    As a few of you know, I'm on a gaming break. One of the keys of this was that my creativity has been shot to hell lately and I feel a need to kick start it. Being "game master" has helped in the past and I think I'm going to go about gathering a group.

    Mostly, I'm looking for gamers who want to take the game with a serious note, but can act like "real people" when playing there characters... I.e., laugh at jokes, express real emotions, and take their jobs serious. I'm not looking for power gamers or rule lawyers, but I'm also not looking for someone who's going to treat it like a cartoony BESM session (not that there's anything wrong with BESM, I just like to run shadowrun on a more serious note).

    If you're interested, drop me a PM. I'm still considering what chat program to use for the game so if you've got ideas, I'm open to them too.

    Also, for note this is a Shadowrun 4th edition session. 3rd and earlier editions are fine, but I don't have my books for them so, meh.

    New Players with role-playing experience welcome.

    New Players with no experience at all also welcome, but we'll take baby steps to get you used to the table top RPG concept of play.

    Not for the Glory. Not for the Honor. For the Team.

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    Re: Shadowrun - null's game

    Wow now that is a blast from the past. I really used to love this game and had some fantastic times in the past playing it. Unfortunately i dont have the time any more but If it helps i have copies of the following in PDF format.

    Shadowrun 3e
    Shadowrun 3e - Rigger
    Shadowrun 3e - Cannon companion
    Shadowrun 3e - Critters
    Shadowrun 3e - Magic in The Shadows
    Shadowrun 3e - Matrix
    Shadowrun 3e - Mr Johnson's Little Black Book
    Shadowrun 3e - Sprawl Survival Guide
    Shadowrun 3e - State of the art 2063
    Shadowrun 3e - State of the art 2064
    Shadowrun 3e - Companion

    I would be happy to share if people needed the reading :)




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