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  • Sword of the New World Beta

    Normally I dont go for these korean MMO-type games, but this one intrigues me for some reason. Not to mention, oddly, it got some decent acclaim from Gamespy (Fargo).

    I checked out some videos and I must say that the anime art looks pretty damned good. It seems to have a real Spanish swashbuckling/brawler feel. And the fact that you can control 3 characters at once in real-time combat is something special. Anyways, check out this blog for info. It says much of what you need to know. I'm DLing it right now and will check it out tonite in beta.

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    Re: Sword of the New World Beta

    Its not fully Korean actually. Of the 3 groups associated with it, one is fully Korean and 2 are "Pan Pacific Rim" which means influenced by a number of asian countries as well as groups in the US.

    It will be run via K2 network which is saying they have a variety of payment options (buy the game and play for free, get the game free and pay to play, get the game free and play for free but with limited access to content, buy the game and pay to play with premium services as well).

    It does look interesting though. Because I don't have enough on my plate as is I went ahead and signed up for the beta too. ^_^

    Here's the main site if you don't have a premium fileplanet or preorder account for the beta.
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