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Found an MMORPG called Shadow of Legend

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  • Found an MMORPG called Shadow of Legend

    I’ve got a t-mobile dash with WM6 and found this MMORPG called Shadow of Legend that works for PCs, smartphones and PDAs. So I checked it out… applying for the account got approved immediately. Super! But downloading the package took me a long time (seriously I was about to give up, man); but it turned out to be worthwhile! It works just fine in both my pc and my dash.

    Graphics are cool, much better than I expected. A lot of bugs at that time but the developer seem to be fixing them and updating the patch all the time. I like their response time!

    Well anyways at first, not a lot of players were on their server, so it was boring to play alone. But then some European players joined and always chatted in #$&*@, which I don’t understand… English plzzzz!!! Well I told my buddies and soon it seemed like more ppl are actually coming! It makes a lot of difference to have guilds and different ppl, different devices to play together. Totally kicking!

    sometimes if u r in luck, you can participate in contests and win some free prizes… They have added a lot of new chilling features that I like. Just hope more ppl join so playing would be more fun… YAY!!!

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    Re: Found an MMORPG called Shadow of Legend

    Why do i have the feeling that this is spam?
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      Re: Found an MMORPG called Shadow of Legend

      a wonderful game l played recently, amazing.The developer said it’s the first cross-platform mobile MMORPG,The graphics are no surprise on my PC… but on my PDA, it’s AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING! I was so surprised!


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        Re: Found an MMORPG called Shadow of Legend

        Not very good spam either. Its like someone opened the can then left it out in the sun for a month before trying to eat it. Sure it tastes exactly the same and suffered no damage from exposure...but its sun warmed and dry.

        No link to a site we can get information.
        No description of what the game is about or a genre.
        No mention of a cost.

        I'm leery of any cross platform MMO that has the graphical and programing limitations of a cellphone. -.-

        I found the complaint that people from Europe speak Eurpoean languages particularly irksome.
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