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The Chronicles of Spellborn

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  • The Chronicles of Spellborn

    Welp, this game is proving to ride under the radar even more than PotBS and TR. Obviously, this game is more of a Euro release it seems, but hopefully they'll give us Americans some more exposure. If you really dig into the game you'll find a LOT of neat concepts. Stuff like statless gear, totally FPS-style combat, a "skilldeck" system similar to a CCG, time travel (you can actually quest in the present, past, and future of the game), HEAVY exploration, and more. There's a lot of new things they seem to be trying.

    Another thing I like about it is the art and sound direction. It's very euro-style graphically, kind of similar to Saga of Rysom it seems. They also spent a lot of time developing a very nice soundtrack.

    So, of course there's a beta and I applied for it.
    Release is set for Q1 '08, so we can add this to the immense pile of game releasing in the same timeframe. Once again, I'm half-hoping this game is gonna suck :)

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    Re: The Chronicles of Spellborn

    If there's time travel, I want to go back to just before I died and try the other option!




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