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  • Hellgate Teaming Opportunities

    Basically, we all know the options to team right now are difficult, but I wanted to start a thread to see if people would be willing to meet for some sort of version of a 'static' team where we can create some characters to play through.

    Obviously, the hard limit on 5 per team makes it difficult if there's alot of interest, so we can work on that.

    I wanted to know if anyone is interested in trying this out, and when would be a good night. Sunday night is great for me, especially 8pm EST.

    As we all know, it's not as restrictive if people out level others since you can always play either lower, or higher if you are in the same station.

    I was thinking we could start from level 1 and move from there.

    Any interest?

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    Re: Hellgate Teaming Opportunities

    I'm in. I'd like to try some other classes and grouping is a fast way to level up. Sundays will work for me - I'll look for you on TS.

    I've got a Level 5 engineer going so maybe I can start leveling him up.
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      Re: Hellgate Teaming Opportunities

      I'm a late night gamer with my night shift job and on weeknights I don't start until about 3 am, sometimes some mid day before work at 4 though.

      Weekends, I'm more free. If you guys see me, grab me. I've got a guardian and a engineer. I'm just trying to work my way up to nightmare and elite though.

      My engineer is built for letting my drone tank and with some mild healing of others from it. I might focus on teamwork with him if we group up enough.

      My guardian is built for teamwork, with my taunt skills rising and my defense, shield, and stamina being built to be a tank.

      Both characters are built primarily to fight many enemies at once but with a spare weapon on the side called "The boss killer."

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        Re: Hellgate Teaming Opportunities

        I'm possibly interested, but I can't commit to any one time... it's sort of when I find time to play for more than an hour or so.




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