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  • EverQuest2

    I remember when WoW and EQ2 both came out and i started playing Everquest 2, and i played with my mom's EX, and we had fun, but after maybe less that a year, i quit, and didn't even remember it until i was in a ventrilo server with some buddies, and i joined this EQ2 guild channel and listened to them talk, and i remember how much fun i had, i personally i like game better than WoW, and im downloading the 14 day trial now of the most recent versions out, and i wanted to know does anyone here play this game anymore? Hit me up on some cool features of the game i wanna get back into it, plus its only 10 a month not 15.

    EDIT: nevermind its 14.99 a month, i thought it was 10 when it first came out i guess i was wrong though.
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    Re: EverQuest2

    I dont play anymore as i have moved to Vanguard but i still have plenty of guild Buddies who play EQ2 on a regular basis. As far as im aware the game has significantly improved since the release of adventure Pack 3, Echoes of Faydwer. A brand New pack has also been released recently, Rise of Kunark. Head over to and have a look it seems to have some great features.

    My only gripe with the Faydwer update was that they destroyed all the cool aspects of crafting by making the whole process way to easy & laborious. Originally crafting was an absolute joy.




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