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  • Exciting Gorean Roleplay

    Tal! I invite you to try a new game. Two intelligent, mature guys are building the Gorean roleplay city of Laura in the world of Second Life, and we seek warriors to defend our walls and protect it's citizens from the amazon women of our forest and the neighboring cities who desire to raid our goods. What is second life? It is a 3D game created entirely by it's players. It is also free, no monthly charge!

    Warriors of old, heed our call. Come try something new! We need YOU to become the best city in all of Gor and Second Life!

    New to SL? No problem. We will mentor, train, help you get a head start. We strongly desire our city to be the best, to find others that match our dedication and passion.

    For more information and help, email me at: [email protected]

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    Re: Exciting Gorean Roleplay

    The name "Gorean" reminds me of a reptillian race from a series by Christopher P. Lydon.

    I thought SL was more or less a subscription-only play service?
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      Re: Exciting Gorean Roleplay

      I dunno what the hell any of this is about but I did a search for Gorean on google and got some pretty messed up stuff about rape and other vulgar things, I hope thats not what your trying to recruit for.

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