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Diablo 3 announced!

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  • Diablo 3 announced!

    o.O God it has begun!

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    Re: Diablo 3 announced!

    I think i'd only be interested in D3 anymore if they completely changed thier core demographic from the SC/WoW/d2 kiddies they got. I stopped playing D2 around 2005 when the only way to ensure you would actually get a good game was to direct-connect lan game, as hackers abounded in both open and closed.

    I had a lightning sorc that was awesome but it wasn't a MF metorb so it wasn't good for runs which became 90% of the online multiplayer games (the other 9% were trade 4 runez) then so it never got used, because we all know the only 3 areas in d2 are cows, mephisto, and bloody foothills since those were the only areas anyone played online. Either that or they'd turn hostile as soon as you left town and have a 360 degree multishot bowazon with artifact bow kill you. That or join a multiplayer game, get run to all the waypoints, sit on hands while people defeat baal. Repeat for nightmare mode. Do mephisto runs in hell, sitting on my hands while a level 80 metorb does all the work, because everyone's been run to hell mode and is only level 15. It got boring REALLY fast.

    Sadly, that transferred to WoW too, most people simply want a level 70 to go through and kill everything in their way and soak up the exp and loot instead of actually planning out how to get through instances and working as a team. :/

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      Re: Diablo 3 announced!

      Hi there guys I have never played a Diablo game however this new one is intriguing. I am not so much into dungeon crawling hack and slash, however the devs say they are putting more of a story and quests into it. Also from the demo I saw, the seancery was nicely smasherble/destroyable. This looks like one to keep my eye on.

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        Re: Diablo 3 announced!

        I will play this about 70 times over. Why? Because I have dedicated Coop conspirators. Diablo is, quite simply, the best coop experience in existence IMO, provided you acquire appropriate people beforehand and stay away from the trollfarm that is
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          Re: Diablo 3 announced!

          Really looking forward to this, the play demo was beautiful, looks awesome.

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            Re: Diablo 3 announced!

            Originally posted by Disciple View Post
            Also from the demo I saw, the seancery
            At first I thought you said "I saw the Sean Connery" and was going to say, No! That's just Deckard Cain.

            I'm trying to get a group to play Diablo 2 on with chars dedicated to solo or 'the group' runs... haven't had much luck. I kinda miss D2, at least my old legit char on that got deleted due to inactivity.

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              Re: Diablo 3 announced!

              tell you guys the truth they really changed the games dark and evil based theme of what i have seen by some screenshots and the cinematics but id still buy it cause of i mean cmon blizzard made it, it must be good
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                Re: Diablo 3 announced!

                Yes blizzard made it, but I don't like the Diablo series, I don't really know why. I just don't.
                And I prefer StarCraft 2 or World of Warcraft, these are the games I am and will be playing.
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                  Re: Diablo 3 announced!

                  Awesome I cant wait for this game to launch. Personally I have been waiting years for this. Good job blizzard.




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