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Hellgate + I am dumb

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  • Hellgate + I am dumb

    I went to install hellgate and I missed one important piece of information.

    That little bar at the bottom is the installation progress. It is installing WHILE you do all that business about accounts and the like.

    I thought it was a progress bar on what you were currently doing. You know, each time you hit next, the bar grows? So I'd get to a place where there was no next. I couldn't move on.

    Consequently, I'd quit the installation and try again.

    Finally read the small font note

    Hellgate: London continues installing while you make your online account.
    Do not quit out of the installer until your game installation has completed.

    And felt like an idiot.

    I have a master's degree and I can't even read a note. :madsmile:
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    Re: Hellgate + I am dumb

    LOL that happens to the best of us man. But why are you playing hellgate? Its probably die with no support and there are better games to try. Oh well have fun.


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      Re: Hellgate + I am dumb

      lol I did the same exact thing...finally got it right on the third try. if you need any help in the game let me know, im pretty much a veteran, almost got my first level 50 (47 evoker) on elite, also a level 33 marksman (elite) level 31 marksman on normal and a 25 guardian (elite)




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