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  • Goren
    started a topic Shot Online

    Shot Online

    Please read before you just delete this thread. I'm not affilated with the company putting this game out in anyway. I'm a fan of the game and a golf just like you and everyone else here. There is an Online Golf game that is currently in beta testing that is as real as any golf game I've came across. The cool thing about this one is that you can play with your fellow golfers online, 4 people at a time. You can compare your shots with theirs. This game is very realistic, slice or hook it bad and your in the rough or sand, maybe even out of bounds or water.

    Don't think your just going to play it though and be knocking everything in. There is a roleplaying aspect to it in that your golf character levels up and gets better over time. You have stats such as power, skill, impact, and stamina, with each one doing something different for your game. As these get higher you game of course improves. I started out shooting rounds of about 25-30. After about 2 weeks of playing my HDCP is now right at par depending on the course. Yes there are different courses from the beginner that is pretty easy to some harder ones that make you want to just throw your clubs in frustration like Tiger did yesterday on 13.

    Now why am I posting this here, as you see this is my first post, well because we want more players and golfers to play the game. I'm in a golf club that plays it and their just hasn't been many players that have found out about it so far. We are doing a word by mouth campaign to let others know of this game.

    If you would like to give it a try you can head to to register and download the game. You can put me as your referral and even add me to your friends list and I will be happy to help you play the game! My ID is Goren

    Also the company that is developing the game does want players and competition, they just held a golf tournament on there last week in which they gave away a video card, mp3 player, and 1gig USB memory chip to the winners. Also alot others received in game money for participating. You can use that for new clothes and clubs.

    Also just noticed they just made a new event to start on April 11 where 70 players between level 1 and 11 who play during designated times will receive a special pair of shoes that give the player +2 to stamina, also during designated times there will be double exp. So they are really dedicated to making the players happy.

  • Shogun
    Re: Shot Online

    Meh... I don't know.

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