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  • Runes of Magic (Free MMORPG)

    So I jumped into this game the other day just to see what it is like, and I have to say I am impressed. It does not really bring anything new and unique to the MMORPG world but what it does bring is pretty solid...which is pretty impressive for a free game. Having over 1600 quests and a pretty diverse world it definitely has peaked my interest, also the dual class system (like FFXI) keeps characters from getting dull. Of course there is a paid option but it is mainly cosmetic items, furniture, ect....nothing that imbalances the game. I would recommend you check it out if you are looking for a RPG to get into for a spot.

    IGN review:
    While Runes of Magic isn't the most polished or original MMO on the market, it does a lot of things right. The game is deep enough to appeal to hardcore veterans, yet is also flexible and addictive enough to appeal to more casual fans. If you're seeking a game to scratch your primitive level grinding and loot hording itch, Runes of Magic is precisely what the doctor ordered. In addition, the game offers a wide breadth of options to the player who desires to seek it out. At its worst, Runes of Magic is a solid, by-the-books affair. At its best, Runes of Magic is a surprisingly deep game and is a great showcase for what a free-to-play MMO can be. Check it out; what do you have to lose?
    If you do join I am on the only PVP server with a Priest/Scout named Talom.



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