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My morning with T72...

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  • My morning with T72...

    I had an interesting morning with T72: Balkans on Fire. I wanted to test the four different positions you can take in the tank, and leave everything else up to the AI.

    This is just my opinion and experience with this test... results may vary, lol.

    I used the single player missions "Meeting Engagement", because that seems to be the most active of the Single Player missions. My goal is to learn each position, before taking on the campaign.

    I started out as the driver...

    The first thing I did was hit, F11, go to the map and click "mount", this ordered my escorting infantry squad to climb up on my tank for a ride. I then exited the map again by hitting the F11 key, and watched from external view (F9 key) as the infantry units ran over and climbed up.

    I then started my engine by holding down the E key, till it turned over... I again went to the map mode (F11), and clicked on "movement", you then click your waypoint... remember, baby steps... I simply clicked on the front side of the next hill, just north of my starting point, so I would (along with my other two attached armor units) simply move then crest to see the action. I exited the Map (F11) and the 2 others started rolling, I increased my fuel, (up arrow), put it in 1st gear, (plus sign on Key Pad), then hit the "mountain brake", which is the B key... I then began moving forward, I steered to my first waypoint, putting my 2 other armor units in a wedge formation by bringing up the map again, (F11), and clicking wedge formation, then exiting map again.
    I eventually moved to 2nd gear with another hit of the NP plus sign. As I approached the crest of the hill I assigned as my first waypoint, I dropped it back down to 1st gear, with the NP minus key. I then crept up the hill, as I crept I hit my number 3 key to tell my AI commander to scan for targets, he immediately called out a tank with the direction, range, elevation, and type of round, I then hit the number 2 key which orders my AI gunner to open fire. The round started downrange, I sat in my drivers seat, fighting the urge to move and take over the other positions, I then put the beast in gear and maneuvered for a better hull down position... in the drivers view this is easy to do, you simply find a nice crest and move up to the base, you'll get a general feeling when your in a good position. You, in the drivers internal view, wont see the battlefield, but you'll be able to estimate the turret part of the tank. You'll know for sure when you here the TC (tank commander) calling out targets, and the gunner engaging them.

    At this time, I wondered why my other two tanks weren't engaging, then I realized my mistakes.. I quickly went to the map mode (F11), I then ordered them in line formation by clicking on the button that says... you guessed it, line formation. They then moved up towards me, for proper formation... it was a sloppy line formation, but hey there AI, right?
    I then clicked on the fire command, then all three of my tanks started opening up and engaging far distant targets... it was BEUT-T-FUL...

    (so, the moral of that above paragraph is, that you order YOUR tank with the 1, 2, 3, 4 etc etc keys... you order your "attached" units via the F11 Map mode... remember that future tankers!)

    I should mention that the infantry, riding on my back, on there own jump off and stay in the rear... I never see them engage, but hey... there there for ya.

    So, we finished with the observed targets, the main house objective was to the right (EAST), I, by going North first then turning right with another waypoint for the attached tanks, was "flanking" the objective... remember that term boys and girls... FLANKING.

    Meanwhile, there was another 3 unit tank platoon that started on the far side, they Being AI and all, moved directly from there starting point, Point A to the Objective, Point B... I do wonder, and will find out later, if, when making a mission, if you can program the waypoints an AI unit(s) to follow certain paths, like valleys, roads, flanking or suppression type orders, OK, back on topic.

    I had a hugh danger zone to cross after the battle for the hills to get to the house objective, I put my boys in a Vee formation per the F11 Map mode, and ordered the movement with another waypoint... I then got my beast moving along at a nice slow pace across the dangerzone, while my AI TC and gunner, engaged a couple of more tanks, AT guns, and some hiding infantry... as my team approached the house, we got our VICTORY screen... then took a look at all the different vehicles on the battlefield by hitting the escape key, and clicking next veh over and over... what is beautiful about the after action look is all the shots, who shot it, and the trajectory into the burning tank.... VICTORY as a driver... sweet.

    OK, now I wont go into as much detail as above... I did that for you beginners or future tankers still sitting on the fence on whether to buy it or not. Kinda like a simple story tutorial.

    So then I tried it as the gunner, and the commander... I did pretty much the same thing... but I did notice one hugh problem... the AI driver is a mad man! Once you set the waypoint in the F11 map mode, and hit your tilde (`) key, which orders your AI driver to "move to the next waypoint"... he guns that bad boy and your cruising about 3 times faster then you should... you can order the driver to STOP with your 1 key, which he does immediately. You can order him forward and back, left and right with your number 5,6,7,and 8 key... you can order him to turn towards the enemy, (if you have him spotted with the scan key), with the 9, and even the "find hull down position' with the 0 key... but like I said, he's a mad man, and moves way to quickly.... I haven't found a way to slow him down. Needless to say, he drove us over the crest of the hill and we got SLAUGHTERED... DEFEAT! (all because of that damn AI driver IMO.)

    Well... firing the gun accurately ain't to easy either... You use the arrow keys to move the turret up/down/left/right... Select your ammo type with you B and N keys, (look in your glossary of the manual to see what abbreviates are what, and when to use what ammo type.)

    Load is R, as soon as you fire, hit that bad boy... nothing worst then firing, then moving your turret to a new target or another hit on same target, clicking fire and nothing happening because YOU didn't reload... if your exchanging rounds with an enemy tank... the one that fires more accurately and faster wins.

    Q for the machine gun, when you got those pesty infantry boys trying to sneak up on you or flank you.

    Don't forget some of the tanks require you to turn on the target system (s) key, then you right click to find your range, then right click again to comfirm.. then fire. (mouse will zooms in and out of your gun sight.

    I died again because of my AI driver...

    So in conclusion... what I learned...

    Try and control and move to the correct position of your tank... because YOU are better and smarter then the AI... use the quick commands when needed, like during the heat of battle, but if you have the time, do it yourself... especially driving... my experience this AM has shown me that you can play and win as the driver... because you can put yourself in the best hull down or tactical position, while the AI TC finds the targets, and your AI gunner shoots the targets.... but the AI driver is a MAD MAN with suicidal tendencies.

    Hope you learned something from this rather long, and ridiculous post, lol.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: My morning with T72...

    Yep... looks like I'll be needing this game. Great writeup Magnum. If/when they have online multiplayer, I'd definitely be up for a game with you. Would be sweet to crew a whole tank (nee, a whole platoon) with human players! Ohhhh... if only they'd included that in this release.




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