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IL2 Forgotten Battles - Review

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  • IL2 Forgotten Battles - Review

    Since the possiblility of getting a flightsim community started here at TG is buzzing, I thought those who don't know what this flightsim is about could find this interesting.

    If you've ever dreamed of being a fighter pilot, or better yet a fighter pilot before computers and missiles, this IS the definative flight simulation. While alot of people are scared off by the term "flightsim," there's no reason to be. The game features some very basic training aircraft along with training tutorials. You can now fly as Russian, American, German, Finnish, Hungarian, Japanese and Italian along with the respective aircraft.

    IL2 FB features a completely immersive gameworld with realistic physics and some of the most beautiful graphics yet seen on a PC. It can host up to 32 pilots in online air battles. You can fly as a bomber pilot or fighter. Check out the review if you want to know what all the hubub is about...bub. ;)

    From the IL2FB review at :

    "This is one of the most important features of any game for me. I really love to play multiplayer Flight Sims, and FB does not disappoint in this category. There are two ways to play... Dogfight and Cooperative. Dogfight is just that, a fight between live opponents, and it allows for up to 32 players. Pick sides and ‘fight’s on’. In Cooperative mode you have the opportunity to complete a tactical sortie with the help of 15 of your friends (for a total 16 human players). On missions that have crew aircraft like the Ju-87 or IL-2 the option to be a gunner is available if you don’t feel like being the driver. There’s also the ability to use custom aircraft and pilot skins that download to all the players so your buddies can actually look at the aircraft and see your face on the pilot looking back!

    There are several ‘Coop’ missions already included in Multiplay, but to be honest, I expected a few more. Additional Coop missions can be created using the Full Mission Builder. I was also surprised there is not more commonality between how the different types of IL-2 FB missions files are constructed. The Single Missions and the Quick Mission Builder files are not compatible in Coop play, although a slight modification of the Single Missions ‘.mis’ file can make them Coop capable. The Quick Missions Builder missions cannot be similarly adapted, which is unfortunate because a quick 4 v 4 Coop sortie would be fun. It would also be a convenient way to practice dissimilar BFM with varying adversary aircraft before meeting human players."

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      Cool deal...And away we go !!!


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        Standing by in my mig 23 is fueled and armed rdy to GO !!!!!


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          Cool, IL2 is here! Ready for flight lessons, and boy, do I need them...


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            The only thing I dislike so far is that the Training missions are not very helpful, as it gives you instructions and doesn't let you try them out as they give them.

            Otherwise, I'm really enjoying myself with this game...although I'll admit I'm used to BF1942's arcade flight model :P


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              We're taking the time to iron out the bugs in rolling out the server. An announcement will be made once it is up and running.






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