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    copy/paste from the official site:

    "Lock On: Black Shark" is the next add-on to the "Lock On: Modern Air Combat" flight simulator series. Unlike previous Lock On player-controlled aircraft, Black Shark now allows players to fly a combat helicopter – the Russian Ka-50 Black Shark.

    Building upon the high level of realism established in earlier Lock On player-controlled aircraft, Black Shark introduces an even higher level of fidelity with Black Shark. Black Shark features a fully-3D cockpit modeled at an unprecedented level of detail; an Advanced Flight Model that will provide Black Shark with the most realistic flight dynamics of any commercial helicopter simulator; an advanced physics and damage model that accounts for all manner of battle damage; a mouse-interactive cockpit that allows players to interact with the cockpit’s many controls using their mouse; and a six degrees of freedom (6DOF) cockpit that takes advantage of TrackIR 3 Pro Vector viewing system.

    New innovations for the Black Shark’s navigation and fire-control systems have been introduced. In addition to a modified "Shkval" weapon targeting system (first introduced in "Lock On: Flaming Cliffs"), the player now has a highly detailed model of the "KABRIS" on-board navigation system. "KABRIS" includes a moving map display and several pages of navigational assistance. For night time operations, the OVN-1 "Skosok" night-vision goggle system is included.

    In addition to the new level of realism applied to the Ka-50, an equal amount of attention has been paid to weapons and artificial intelligence (AI) controlled aircraft. In Black Shark, all weapons, including bombs, rockets and missiles, now have advanced flight dynamics and physics. All AI aircraft will use the same flight dynamics as player-controlled aircraft. The AI has also been improved to showcase attack helicopter operations.

    The Crimea and Caucasus peninsula map has been improved with the addition of many new military objects. Black Shark includes 10 single player missions and two extensive campaigns, each with cinematic videos.

    The "Lock On: Black Shark" add-on will include all the content of "Lock On: Flaming Cliffs" and is consider a further evolution of this product series.


    Unprecedented level of realism in modeling Russia’s Ka-50 attack helicopter. The Ka-50 can be armed with the "Shkval"/"Vikhr" anti-tank systems and other air-to-ground weapons.
    Advanced flight dynamics and physics for bombs, rockets and missiles.
    AI aircraft use the same flight dynamic system as player-controlled aircraft.
    6DOF, mouse clickable cockpit with TrackIR 3 Pro Vector support.
    "KABRIS" multi-function display, integrated navigation system and OVN-1 "Skosok" night-vision goggle system.
    Mission pack and extensive campaigns for the Ka-50.
    Forward Arming and Refueling Points.
    Detailed Ka-50 training course with voice-over narration.
    Cinematic videos using the Black Sharks graphic engine.
    Several new ground units for attack helicopter missions.
    Estimated Release: March 2006.
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