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Free MS FFB2 stick for those who tinker

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  • Free MS FFB2 stick for those who tinker

    I've got a Microsoft Force Feedback 2 joystick that I'm willing to give to someone on this board, as long as they've got a soldering gun and a modicum of technical expertise with it. This is my original FFB stick and my cat ate through the USB cable. I actually had had it repaired by a friend at work, and that very evening the *same damned cat* ate through it again. (Needless to say I kicked the cat's ass - then I went out and bought a new stick because they were on sale and I didn't have the gall to ask my friend to fix it again.)

    So anyway now I've got an extra almost-new, FFB 2 stick with a chewed on USB cable. It would be simple to fix, since USB only has 4 wires, and they're color coded. All that would be required is stripping off the outer cable shield, soldering together the requisite colored wires, and heat shrinking it. I will ship it to anyone as long as they agree to pay the postage. I'm not sure how to set up money transfer (PayPal maybe?), and it might only be worthwhile for someone in North America (I live in the DC area).

    Reply here and we can set something up.



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    I'll take it....I live just south of Norfolk VA.




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