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The reason I've been absent...

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  • The reason I've been absent...

    is that I'm turned off with the whole Dogfight thing. It's boring. Spawn, get airborne, fly around for a couple of minutes until shot down or crash, repeat as necessary...

    I think we need to get some kind of team-based thing going on here. Yeah yeah, there's teams in the dogfight room, red vs. blue, but what the hell is the point, really? It only tells you who to shoot at. There is NO emphasis on taking out enemy installations, capturing enemy territory or bases, etc. Flight sim wise, I come from Fighter Ace, where the entire focus was on capturing enemy objectives, not just shooting bogies. And it was a *heck* of a lot moe fun than this, irrespective of the realism factor if IL2!

    I'm thinking we might want to field a regular squadron on Forgotten Skies ( - would anyone be interested in this? It would at least lend a purpose to our fragfests.

    NippleCorn aka Kremulus

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    too be honest i would love to see a fighter escort style of play.. where there are no respawns..


    red team has a bomber and up to 4 escorts

    objective bomb factory installation

    no respawn

    blue team has 4 or even 3 fighter planes of their choice..

    no respawns

    objective. prevent the bombs from reaching their destination..

    then the bombs swap for next round....

    i dont know if that style is possible but it makes alot more sense as a simulated game than just two bases next to each other take off and dogfight till dead or crash....

    cant wait for coop.. that has soo much potential...

    dont get me wrong guys i am not going to complain. i apreciate that the engine does not really allow easy dedicated coop missions and rotation..

    keep up the good work....


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      p.s wouldnt mind looking iinto the forgotten skies thing also.. but i need more practise befor i publically humiliate myself.


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        This might serve our purposes

        I've discovered a dynamic campaign plugin for IL2 FB. I think that it's mostly geared towards single player campaigns, but according to the website where it's available, it also provides a couple of maps where multiplayer is supported, which might be more of what we're looking for at XLII/TG.

        Here's a quote from the website: "Based on the Dynamic Campaign Generator for Combat Flight Simulator 2, this program generates dynamic campaigns for both IL-2 Sturmovik and IL-2 Forgotten Battles by Maddox Games. Currently there are dynamic campaigns available for Smolensk, Stalingrad, Kuban, Crimea, Kursk, Prokhorovka, Berlin, Lvov, Leningrad, Balaton, Normandy and Ardennes. There are also a couple "Grand Campaign" that span the entire war. This program can also generate single mission as well as missions for the on-line "Dogfight" and "Coop" modes (there are two "on-line" friendly campaigns available for use). Over time, the front lines will shift, airfields may be captured and recaptured and objects appear and disappear. Squadrons will transfer closer to the front as friendly ground forces advance or bug-out should the enemy break-through. Armor, truck columns, and trains will also move from city to city during missions and ships from harbor to harbor, starting the next mission at the city or harbor moved to in the previous mission. Build ups of guns and armor will also appear at the "front" and captured locations will have new defences generated.

        IL-2 DCG will also track plane losses, pilot deaths, and the replacement of both, awards and promotions, as well as the destruction and replacements of moving vehicle and tank columns, trains, and ships, and static ground defenses. All in all, DCG offers IL-2 players a dynamic world in which to fly."

        The URL is

        I'm going to download this and try it out this evening in single player mode to get a feel for it. But I think we could implement it on the server almost immediately without any impact to current play (it supports the dedicated server and FBDaemon). It's just that once things get destroyed, they're gone forever, lending a more relistic feel for the arenas!


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          I have installed the Dynamic Campaign Generator already... Now i am just trying to work out the bugs.
          I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
          --Douglas Adams


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            Sweet Big-B:)

            Now we need to figure out away to elliminate the blatant cheatting by pub players joining the server :shock:


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              Originally posted by Shad0wRIP
              Sweet Big-B:)

              Now we need to figure out away to elliminate the blatant cheatting by pub players joining the server :shock:
              Has there really been cheating going on in such a low-visibility server? That's pathetic if it's true. I've always chalked up my terrible kill/death ratio to my complete lack of skills and total ignorance of aerodynamics.

              There must be a rememdy - perhaps PunkBuster or something similar?

              How do IL2 cheats work - similar to, say, the OpenGL hack in HalfLife/CounterStrike?


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                well im not sure how cheats are working on il2,

                but i will say, i am as surprised as you nipplecorn, but i have been preasent at theses sessions where cheating has occured. and i am sorry to say that i can find no other explanaition for what i have seen. i saw GAZ get taken out where not just a few of a guys bullets hit him but 100% of them.. i was doing freindly7 chase... the guy was at least 1.5 klicks away. and he fire off and split gaz in two with a prolonged burst. every bullet hit

                there have also been instances where you line someone up and as you pull the trigger they do a horizontal slide just enough to miss the bullets... really its pathetic...

                and to be honest it actually took me back to the days of counterstrike and half life and i got so pissed that i imediatly leave the server every time..

                i am in favour of " when the coop gets up and running" a passworded server because for 3 nights running now i have not been able to enjoy my flying.

                stupid public guys.. when are people going to realise that there is no skill in cheating and if they just gave the game achance they wouldnt need cheats

                heck me and shadowrip decided to do bombing missions on ships... i would say first 4 hours didnt accurately hit a thing... now 3 days later we are both accurate and i know others have done the same..

                i god damn hate public internet gamming

                oh and happy new year...



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                  We need some more ppl to admin the server ppl that will be around more often aswell such as Dudeman, Gaz, Myself and few others whom have been on daily and noone able to kick those that are cheatting and taking away from the game.

                  The cheatting is so pathetic that i like dude and gaz don't even want to bother playing if any pub players are on and cheatting we just leave but what does that accomplish except to take away from our gamming pleasure...

                  I would like to see the server go private now till the cheatting issues can be resolved by means of a punkbuster or more admins present. ALL i really know is something needs to be done VERY SOON!!!!


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