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    Another thread for training. Please put any links to articles here. Also any tips that you come across that help you out list here too - remember we may not know a kb command (like waypoint selection for instance lol)

    Here is a link to the lock on forums with some training notes that seems pretty good.



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    Don't forget to check out They have some very interesting Lockon articles by Andy Bush (former A-10 pilot), and a very good following on their forums.


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      Thanks Goalie... err Skates... you always confuse me with the name change stuff.

      Jex and Riyker have both mentioned F-15C radar targeting as being an issue, and I know it is for me too, mostly because we don't know how to use the radar. I sat down just a few minutes ago and played with the F-15 radar training sim and wrote down quite a few of the keys used and tried to get a gist of how the trainer used this in combat.

      Turn radar on by pressing "i"

      TDC Controls:

      Semi-colon (;) = Slew TDC Up
      Period (.) = Slew TDC Down
      Carat Left (<) = Slew TDC Left
      Carat Right (>) = Slew TDC Right

      Radar azimuth, elevation and range controls =

      Shift plus Semi-Colon(;) = Increase radar scan elevation (altitude based up to 60,000 ft)
      Shift plus Period (.) = Decrease radar scan elevation
      Plus Key (+) = Increase Range (10 nm to 160 nm)
      Minus Key(-) = Decrease Range
      Shift plus Plus Key (+) = Increase azimuth to 60 Degrees (standard setting)
      Shift plus Minus Key (-) = Decrease azimuth to 30 Degrees (I really don't see any point in doing that unless there is a F-117 or similar stealth material out there with active jamming).

      I hope that helps and remember that is standard keysets only.. if you have remapped those functions I don't know what to tell you. I'm still working on the multiple target aquisition but that can only be done in TWS (Track While Scan) mode with the AIM120 AMRAAM. Maybe we can fire a 120 and hit something now. Also helps with the AIM-7 Sparrows.
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        I was using the F15C radar this morning while you guys were trying to land with a strong crosswind. I finally understand how to do it.

        Multiple target acquisition is pretty easy. You press 'i' to turn on the radar then Alt-I to activate TWS. You can lock onto targets the same as before but this time you can use the lock key to add targets. It's best to use the + and - keys to adjust the best range for the targets. It'll make it easier to lock on to multiple targets since they can be squished close on the radar. Maybe adjusting azimuth will help get a better display of the targets. In your HUD, you'll get an asterisk by your target when you're ready to fire. After firing, the target designator moves to the next target in sequence and displays an asterisk when ready.

        I had to go through that stock training mission a few times to get this right! :)

        - It's who you game with.


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          Yeah damn name changes FMJ, err... Logical1 lol.

          Don't forget TWS only works for the AMRAAM. When deploying the AIM-7 Sparrow, you need to maintain lock on your target during the entire flight of the missle or it will loose track of the target.


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            You'll have to get on around noonish for you tomorrow Skates and play some LOMAC with us.
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              I'll give it a shot, don't see why I wouldn't be around then. Not sure how it will run on my poor dialup though, but I'd really like to give it a shot.


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                Should be fine man... you might be a little choppy to us but it seems that most everything streams nicely from player-side perspective. We'll give it a shot tomorrow.
                Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. - Douglas Adams




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