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new video set for lock on campaign...

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  • new video set for lock on campaign...

    Submitted (and copy/pasted here) by the one and only Glowing Amraam... one of the best game video makers out there...

    Hi folks.

    The Black Sea Operations campaign has started to evolve, now that a Su-33 campaign is also in the works to go along the F-15 campaign. Also planned is a Su-25 campaign. The scope of the campaign has changed.

    Here are 3 movies that are Xvid codec, and these can also be viewed in-game.
    These movies are placeholders for now, we were testing out to see how it would look in the game along with the story. They were a success, but we feel that since we now have 2 more campaigns to think about, we are going to create new and better ones.

    Anyway, the placeholder cutscene movies are now ready for your viewing pleasure. Big thanks to for hosting!
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