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    Does anyone have this? Me and Riyker played a few games. The MP aspect of it seems pretty good with lots of wings doing different missions. I'm wondering if there's enough interest to get some games going?

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    Jex.. you and I really are on the same page my friend. I still play EE single player.... its one of my favorites... Multiplay is good, and the campaigns are dynamic so replay is unlimited.... Lets give it a go!
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      Ha Ha love it! Good stuff - that's 3!


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        Can't we stick to Lock On so I don't have to buy this? :P

        - It's who you game with.


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          No joke...
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            ya really already just bought IL2 which seems to be dead in the water due to lack of dedicated server support and now lockon which also has no dedicated server support. I'm not about to buy a third flight sim just to finnally have a game that supports it. i'll just wait till one or both of these release a patch that supports dedicated Co-op untill then i'm happy playing on hosted games.


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              I already have EE which is why I put up the post. The game is pretty old now and you may not be able to find a copy.

              With regards to DSS - we run a Lock On server ourselves - i.e. we host a game. We have had some issues but we have a few players who are stable hosts. In general, for the time being it works well. Yes we would all like DSS but until it comes out I don't see why people aren't hosting there own coop games?

              Ok so one more flight sim maybe a bit too much (when u include IL2, Lock On, GR, RvS, Halo - i bought that the other day) GOD DAMMIT!!!! I don't have enough time to play ALL my games LOL. I demand to see a lawyer.

              Realistically though it'll need to be a bit of one and the other.




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                Shadow ... you may be able to find it in the bargin bin. Really, you'd only want to get it if you want a heli sim -- it's nothing like OFP helis or Commanche (a joke) -- it's really the only good heli option out there.

                However, we *do not* play it regularly, so getting EE would mean buying it for the rare times we decide to pull it out and play.

                IMHO, gaming is expensive. I can't count the number of times I've bought a game because a friend or two were playing it and then we never played it again. So what... if it's good enough we may play it from time to time, or more rarely, OR if not, I can trade it in at my local Electronics Boutique (they give you trade in $$).

                I know $30-$50US isn't cheap ... but you'll spend more $$ on two nights of dinner and a movie. Bargin bins are an excellent source of used working games.

                For the hot titles, I'll go in debt picking up the new releases if I have too. Gaming is my sanity. Solder, OFP2, GR2 -- hurry the @#$%!&# up!

                I run my $#@! new school style with old school roots...


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                  Have you checked out Far Cry yet???? this game looks like it's going to rock and the modding tool are sweet! The Cryengine absolutely rules it's going to be a hard pick between soldner and Far Cry


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