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    Ok it's now becomming apparent that the F15's radar is way below par. This is probably a bug rather than how it is meant to be played (better be) however in the meantime something needs to be done about it. It is becomming more frustrating to fly an F15 than it is fun (how exactly does a C130 evade an amraam?) so we'll need to do something ourselves.

    1) Use the 7M sparrows instead. Apparently they are 100% more reliable.

    2) Play East v West

    3) Play East v East in a 'western pilots on loan' scenario - i.e. We've come along to help (perhaps Russia is invading the Ukraine and we happen to be there to help out using Ukrainian planes)

    However ukraine is limited in planes so maybe the other way around.

    4) stick it out with what we have.

    Last night our woefully inept F16 SEAD flight managed to knock out 1 target and then procedded to land on the airfield that the B17's were about to bomb lol (this would be the mission designers fault btw).

    It's a pain in the ass right now because it means we'll need to learn the other planes when we're still not familiar with the ones we have already. I don't even know if the russian planes behave either.

    I'm going to start an East plane mission tonight which should be playable by the time you guys get on so we can see just how well they compare. I'm almost tempted to make it v15's since we know they can't hit us lol ;)

    Let's hope that patch 1.02 is out soon.


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    I just made a mission that allows you to fly for either side or just one side. I know there are a couple ppl out there that are interested in flyinf the other planes available even though others are content to only fly 1 or 2 planes. I think we should start to incorperate the other planes into our missions for those that wish to fly them rather than limiting other members to planes we might prefer or like.

    My mission is setup with red being russia and Ukrain v US Can, UK, Germany on blue. Being that this is Modern air combat and germany is no longer considered and enemy and as of late even participating in most joint coalition engagements it seems only fitting to have germany on the blue side. in doing so this allows the use of mig's. Still working out some timming issues and such for my mission and as of right now it's really only best to play this one with about 4-8 guys min i'm going to scale it back for multiple versions of it so it can be played from the red sid only blue side only both sides together then with only 4-6 men ect ect.....


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      I keep reading about people having big issues with the F-15 vs Russian fighters but in single player I'm having very little touble. Quite often I'm able to shoot down Mig, or SU's at 20nm or more while at 20,000 or higher.


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        I've had better success offline against Russian aircraft. It may be that the missions I'm trying have set the enemy fighters to easy pilots or the time to engagement is longer allowing me time to lock and fire. It's possible that the missions we've been playing online set the enemy fighters so close that they've detected us before we're in the air. If we try to lock on, they know we're there and flip on the ECM. The problem I get online is it's hard to get a firing solution before entering dogfight range.

        - It's who you game with.




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