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What's in the 1.02 patch (note this is NOT out yet)

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  • What's in the 1.02 patch (note this is NOT out yet)

    - Fixed inability of some joysticks to use cannon trigger correctly.

    - Effect of ECM against the F-15C radar has been reduced.

    - Added "+" over padlocked target.

    - Re-enabled mini-HUD for all aircraft.

    - Increased air-to-air missile effectiveness.

    - Players can see each other's smoke rockets online.

    - Clients now receive air defense unit radar warnings on there RWR now.

    - Fixed blue screen bug of water explosions if user has a GF2 card.

    - New controller axis:
    Trim Pitch
    Trim Roll
    Trim Rudder
    Radar Slew Horizontal
    Radar Slew Vertical
    MFD Range
    TDC Slew Horizontal
    TDC Slew Vertical

    - Players can now adjust loadouts of wingmen within player's flight.

    - Civilian Traffic option now saved correctly.

    - Scenes setting option now saved correctly.

    - Hidden objects are no longer visible in the F10 or briefing views.

    - All sounds become near silent when game is paused now.

    - Reduced radar lock range of Russian aircraft to .85 of radar detection range.

    - When Russian planes lock a target and the sensor is changed, the lock will be retained (assuming sensor is capable of detecting / tracking target).

    - If Russian aircraft loses lock, the other sensor will attempt to continue lock.

    - Fixed aircraft velocity and target velocity indicators for Russian HUDs.

    - Range bumping on F-15C VSD has been corrected and TDC is reset to center of VSD after a range bump.

    - Increased the thickness of the RPI, RTR, and RMIN lines on the F-15C's HUD DLZ.

    - Re-made Mach number indication for Su-27/33, MiG-29 and F-15C.

    - Disabled ability to re-arm when landing outside an airfield.

    - Trim speed has been increased.

    - Removed chaff and flares from MiG-25P / RBT.

    - Enabled force feedback trim effect.

    - Implemented gain parameters for force feedback effects.

    - Disabled cockpit stick neutral position displacement emulation for fore feedback when trim is on.

    - Enabled cockpit camera control with joystick axis when cockpit mouse view option is off.

    - Changed joystick polling algorithm.

    - FBP fixed loadouts now correct.

    - Restored mouse zoom limits in the cockpit.

    - Mouse view option removed from cockpit options and moved to difficulty options.

    - The names for all Russian air-to-ground weapons are now visible on the Russian HUDs when in Russian HUD mode.

    - Restored object crash in external view.

    - Adjusted visibility range of ground object labels.

    - Fixed picture of M-818 on AWACS view.

    - Fixed bug regarding Betty voice after switching aircraft (Alt-J).

    - Invulnerable flag setting is corrected.

    - Ground based SAMs now work correctly with enemy ships in the mission.

    - Corrected behavior of turbulence (imperial units).

    - Corrected training missions.

    - Corrected crash from third mission of F-15C campaign.

    Looks good so far.

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    Very Nice some excellent improvement there:)


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      It looks like they might actually solve some the issues with the F-15 being a piece of junk in this game. They also reduced the Su-27's ability to gain radar lock which should even things up some too.
      Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. - Douglas Adams


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        Wow, and those are just the fixes the2nd patch does??? Can anyone say beta version? They should have given everyone that bought Lock-On a lollipop inside the box--sucker!! I'm getting tired of paying top dollar for unfinished software.... :(


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          wow that might just bring the game to its final beta stage pre release..


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            Originally posted by Opus
            Wow, and those are just the fixes the2nd patch does??? Can anyone say beta version? They should have given everyone that bought Lock-On a lollipop inside the box--sucker!! I'm getting tired of paying top dollar for unfinished software.... :(



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              It's awesome that they are fixing the imbalance that I've been griping about since this thing came out. I've maintained all along that the soviet hardware was modeled to far outmatch tha NATO eqipment and I am vastly pleased to see that they recognize it as well... I really expected them to be blind to it.
              I would like to bring up another point while on my soapbox... I understand your frustration Opus, and it seems that most players here agree with you about the problems with the game. I am as frustrated as anyone.... but... this sim is by no means out of the norm for bug releases when it comes to flite sims... I know this doesn't make it right, but it is the way of the flite sim world. When Falcon 4 was released, it was buggier than an anthill in august... in fact it took almost 2 years of patches to make it even playable at all, but it is still one of the greatest flite sims ever made, and has a large loyal following. Hell, every flite sim since the stick days of the C4 has gone down this same path of release, patch and bashing. Personnaly, I think that they are making a valiant effort to make it the game we all want and am happy to just have this game... it is truely an awesome sim in my book..... the true test of a game is what do you play when you turn on your computer in the morning?? I know I find myself in LOMAC a lot, and judging by the amount of new pilots joining in all the time, they must have gotten something right!! One thing many guys don't realize is that this sim was due out 2 years ago, but if you followed the forums on the flight sim sites, you would know that they wanted to make this as complete as possible to have all the features that we all wanted. If they had waited until it was perfected, it would never have been released at all. True flights sims are few and far between in todays world because developing dollars can make much more in console and other, broader base type of games. The guys that made this game are gamers like you and me and wanted to keep the flight sim world alive. Sorry to be so long, but I just wanted to get it off of my chest. I guess I stand alone on this topic, so now I am closing my eyes, gritting my teeth, and preparing for the onslaught!! Bring it on boyz!!

              Chek6... Fanatik


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                I understand what your saying here fanatik and can appreciate your view. I think that what most of us are getting pissy about is not just LOMAC but every game i have bought in the last 6-12 months has been released to the buy public for top dollar as a beta for example HD2 just released few months ago and it has alot of serious issues so much so that in my opinnion it should have even been released as of yet and todate there has been 2 patches niether of which addressed the most serious issues ppl are having the last patch just moved some spawn points around and a few other little quirks but the major bugs are still there. All in all i think we are just tired of paying these companies to beta test their product and hope they decide to fix them.

                But you are right that flight sims are not a high priority for developers due to the low interest in them from the general public. SO ya we should be happy we have something modern to play which i am but now that it's out i hope they are quick to address alot of the issues like equal capability for both sides of the alantic. like just today i was setting up an AI plane for the us and in the payload options you get 3. and you can't even edit them or create your own. on the other hand load up a russian AI and go to his payload options and there is like 30 options plus i believe you can even edit and create your own. Even stupider than that is the fact that the one i was doing the 3 options all contained 3 feul tanks taking up valuble weapon space and you couldn't even change it.

                but yes i'm happy to have the game!

                okay i'm stepping off my soapbox now


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                  You think that's bad. Like Fanatik said Flacon 4 was in a horrible state, luckly due to some very dedicated fans it's become a legendary flight sim. Here's the fix list for the 1.08 patch. And you thought Lockon was bad.

                  Version 1.08 Changes
                  * The fonts used in the cockpit and HUD are more readable now, especially at the higher resolutions of 800 x 600 and 1024
                  * The frame rate in the simulation has been improved.
                  * Support for 3dfx cards (such as the Voodoo 2 and Voodoo 3) is now improved.
                  * Falcon 4.0 now includes a 1024 x 768 2-D Cockpit. This cockpit is "clickable" at this higher resolution. Your video card must have at least 4MB of video RAM in order to run the 1024 x 768 cockpit. To use this new feature, simply select "1024 x 768" for Resolution at the Graphics setup screen.
                  * The fonts used in the cockpit and HUD are more readable now, especially at the higher resolutions of 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768.

                  Game Controllers
                  * Falcon 4.0 now defaults to seeing at least one hat switch on your joystick. This will solve the problem with DirectX incorrectly reporting zero hat switches (for example, on certain CH joysticks).

                  * Both the number and fire rate of SA-7 SAMs have been reduced.
                  * Runway repair is now slower and, therefore, more realistic.
                  * Aircraft will no longer take off from a damaged or captured runway.
                  * If Invulnerability is set to On in the Simulation setup screen, your plane will no longer take damage from crashing into the ground.
                  * HARM targeting has been improved and, therefore, HARMs are now more effective.
                  * The weight of fuel tanks is now correctly calculated.

                  AI Logic
                  * AI pilots will now attack air-to-air threats during air-to-ground missions.
                  * AI pilots no longer keep attacking helicopters.
                  * AI pilots are more effective with using Maverick missiles.
                  * AI pilots no longer inappropriately trigger the New Guy tone on your RWR.
                  * If you radio "Attack my target" to your flight, you will now hear the correct bullseye information.

                  * AWACS will now acknowledge your radio call of "Check in" with "Roger."
                  * AWACS will now vector your wingmen correctly to ground targets.

                  Tactical Engagement and Campaign
                  * In the Debrief, erroneous messages about flights being diverted from home base have been fixed.
                  * When you select a mission from the Mission Schedule, you should only see "Not a package mission" now because of a shortage in either planes or pilots.
                  * The icon for the EA-6B plane has been corrected.
                  * In Tactical Engagement, you can now retask aircraft after they have landed.
                  * You can now reenter a training mission many times without a problem. In earlier versions, the timing would become out of synch.

                  * The stability of multiplayer connections has been improved.
                  * Version 1.08 now supports more than one multiplayer game running simultaneously on the same LAN.
                  * Weapons, air brakes, afterburners and landing gear are now updated visually for all players in a multiplayer game.
                  * Rules of Engagement are now updated for any out-of-compliance settings for all players.
                  * Rules of Engagement no longer return to their default settings if another window is opened.
                  * Two or more players can now edit weapon loadouts simultaneously in a multiplayer mission. Changes to weapon loadouts are updated now for all players in the game.
                  * Victory conditions are now updated in a multiplayer Tactical Engagement for all players.
                  * The Points box now displays the correct score for all pilots in a multiplayer Tactical Engagement.

                  Previous Version Changes
                  Serious Problems That Have Been Fixed
                  * If you used the Software graphics option (instead of Glide or Direct3D), the game used to crash if you exited the simulation while in the 2-D Cockpit.
                  * The crash caused by repeatedly switching to Tactical Reference has been fixed.
                  * If you padlocked onto an aircraft just as it exploded, the game used to crash.
                  * If you selected the "Inbound" radio command after declaring an emergency landing, the game used to crash.
                  * In Tactical Engagement, if you placed a ground supply unit in the ocean, the game used to crash.
                  * In Tactical Engagement, if you clicked the Saved tab and then the Edit button while online, the game used to crash.
                  * In Tactical Engagement, modifying the Theater Map with the Paintbrush tool no longer causes a crash.
                  * If you dropped a lot of weapons, the game would sometimes crash.
                  * If you selected a mission, entered the countdown screen, returned to the user interface, selected a different mission, entered the simulation and then looked at the kneeboard, the game used to crash.
                  * If you entered the simulation, the game would sometimes crash during the loading screen.
                  * The crash in version 1.04 on computers with Voodoo 2 cards and Terrain Detail set to the highest setting has been fixed.
                  * If you cycled the GBUs, the game would sometimes crash (especially if you switched to an outside view and then returned to the cockpit).
                  * If you clicked the Comms button and then selected "Sign Off" from within Dogfight, Tactical Engagement or Campaign, the game would crash. (If you returned to the main menu and then chose "Sign Off," the game worked fine.)
                  * Pressing the MARK button on the ICP no longer crashes the game.
                  * A period in the path name (such as "D:\Falcon4.0") caused the game to crash after the intro movie.
                  * If you ejected in earlier versions, the game would sometimes crash.
                  * More memory leaks have been fixed.
                  * The game no longer loses memory each time you enter Campaign or Tactical Engagement.
                  * Some memory leaks in Campaign have been fixed.
                  * The game is more stable now in the Campaign user interface.
                  * The mouse button used to sometimes stick and remain in the "down" position (for zoom, time advance, etc.).
                  * Remapping keys used to cause radio command menus to not appear, etc.
                  * A space in the path name (such as "D:\Falcon 4") previously caused the command line parameters (such as "-hires" and "-g#") to not work.
                  * You can no longer press keys that are not displayed in the Exit Sim menu.

                  Game Controllers
                  * Support for force feedback controllers has been added. These force feedback effects are compatible with any force feedback joystick that supports DirectX 6 or later. Effects have been added for firing the gun, dropping bombs, being hit by missiles and gun fire, taxiing, aircraft shuddering and slow speeds.
                  * If Falcon 4.0 is not recognizing the digital hat switches on your joystick, first try updating the joystick drivers. If this does not help, you can force Falcon 4.0 to use a specified number of digital hat switches by using the "-numhats #" command line parameter. This will force Falcon 4.0 to ignore DirectInput. First, select "Run" from the Start menu. Then type "C:\MicroProse\Falcon4\falcon4.exe –numhats #" where # is the number 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. Please note that this parameter will not work with non-digital hat switches, such as the ones on older ThrustMaster sticks.
                  * If you use the keyboard for rudder control, you can now press the ">" key for right rudder.
                  * Support for multiple digital hats has been implemented (such as the Logitech WingMan Interceptor joystick). You can now map game commands to digital hats (such as the Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro joystick).
                  * If you have a throttle hooked up to your computer, you can press the "+" (Plus) key and "-" (Minus) key for finer throttle control.
                  * You can set your throttle's afterburner position to something other than the default. First, set your throttle to wherever you would like the afterburner detent to be. Then click the "Set AB" button at the Controllers setup screen. The AB position is marked with a green line on the Throttle readout.

                  * Some joysticks report to Windows that they have rudders even though none are connected. If you wish to disable any rudder input (regardless of whether you actually have rudder pedals or not), you can use the command line parameter of "-norudder." First, select "Run" from the Start menu. Then, type "C:\MicroProse\Falcon4\falcon4.exe -norudder" in the Run dialog box.
                  * The game now supports the Union Reality gear headset. This headset lets you change your view by moving your head. To use this headset, run Falcon 4.0 with the "-urview XXX" parameter where "XXX" is the viewing angle between 50 and 160 degrees. The default value is 160.

                  * Your throttle (if you have one) is checked when you enter the simulation. Therefore, instead of starting on the runway with your throttle already set to its current stick position, the simulation now requires you to move the throttle first.
                  * Inverted ejections now work correctly. In earlier versions, pilots would die if they ejected inverted even with sufficient altitude.
                  * You now get more advance warning for inbound missiles.
                  * The terrain masking model has been improved.
                  * The amount of fuel onboard no longer increases at high speeds at low altitude nor at idle at high altitude.
                  * When you exit a mission after landing, aircraft will no longer crash into objects while taxiing.
                  * SAM units now fire the appropriate missiles at reasonable rates.
                  * Runways are now appropriately damaged.
                  * Metal bridges no longer burn when destroyed.
                  * The Kadena and Wonson airports now operate correctly.
                  * The tanker's director lights and calls for positioning are fixed.
                  * Wingmen no longer add steerpoints to your HSD when they are low on fuel.
                  * Helicopter flights no longer become "neutral" when the flight leader is killed. That is, the label color will remain red and not change to green.
                  * Ground units now retreat to more logical locations after losing a battle. They will regroup and then retreat.

                  Plane Modeling
                  * When the landing gear is down, the maximum extension for the speed brakes has been changed to 43 degrees. (When the landing gear is up, the maximum extension is still 60 degrees.)
                  * Your F-16 will no longer pitch its nose up while landing if you engaged the autopilot prior to landing.
                  * Rudder authority has been reduced to be more realistic. You will no longer be able to perform loops easily in the F-16 using only rudders.
                  * You can no longer cruise above Mach 1 in Mil power at high altitude.
                  * The FLCS (Flight Control System) can no longer pull Gs significantly above 9Gs. The F-16 now behaves more realistically when pulling Gs near corner speed.
                  * The engines for the MiG-29, Su-27 and F-15 have been adjusted so that these planes can no longer climb into orbit.
                  * AI-controlled aircraft no longer "hover" in the air when they run out of fuel.
                  * Effects for partially damaged landing gear are now modeled.
                  * Aircraft can no longer taxi on water.
                  * The F-16's landing gear was strengthened to be more realistic.
                  * Brakes no longer work if the landing gear collapses.
                  * Collisions with airport signs (both taxiway and runway) now cause damage to the aircraft.

                  * You can now save and load cockpit setups, including HUD settings, MFD settings, master mode and the default view. To save the current cockpit setup, press Alt-C, release and then press the "S" key. To load the saved cockpit setup, press Alt-C, release and then press the "L" key.
                  * The Master Arm Switch is now functional. The three modes are Safe, Armed and Sim. Weapons will not fire in either Safe or Sim mode. To switch to Armed mode, press Alt-Enter. To switch to Safe mode, press Alt-\ (Backslash). To switch to Sim mode, press Shift-Alt-\ (Backslash). To toggle through the modes, press Alt-M.
                  * The VVI (Vertical Velocity Indicator) has been corrected.
                  * Cockpit damage (such as to the DED) now matches in all cockpit views (both 2-D and 3-D).
                  * The gauges for the Altimeter, Nozzle Position Indicator, RPM Indicator and the FTIT now match in all cockpits (both 2-D and 3-D).
                  * The DED (Data Entry Display) is now colored amber for greater realism.

                  * In Easy Avionics mode, the HUD now displays the "SHOOT" cue for AGM-65 Mavericks.
                  * The recon camera now displays the steerpoint diamond in the HUD correctly.
                  * The flight path marker is now displayed in correct relation to the AOA bracket on the HUD when the landing gear is down.

                  * Switching to Ground Map radar no longer crashes the program.
                  * You can now set your air-to-ground radar (GM, GMT or SEA) to standby (Ctrl-R) without the game crashing.
                  * You can change the range in Ground Map radar by moving the radar cursors to the top or bottom of the display. To decrease the radar range, move the cursor inside the closest range circle and then release the arrow key.
                  * Radar cursors now work properly after firing Mavericks. In earlier versions, the radar cursors would be locked in position.
                  * The lock box on the Laser Targeting display no longer "breathes" after you break a lock and launch your weapon until it is moved onto the next valid target.
                  * The blinking blips in ground radar (GM, GMT and SEA) have been fixed.
                  * Bullseye data has been added to ground radar in Realistic Avionics mode.
                  * You can now change the SOI (Sensor of Interest) after using DTOS (Dive-Toss) mode.
                  * The Intercept Steering Cue in air-to-air radar now works correctly.
                  * You can now slew the TD box in Dive-Toss mode.
                  * The bullseye readout is now correct.
                  * You no longer have to double-click the Cursor Zero function in air-to-ground radar.
                  * The SMS no longer freezes if you try to ripple more bombs than you have on your F-16.

                  TWS and RWR
                  * SAM radar now triggers the TWS when the SAM unit locks up and launches its missile.
                  * If a new symbol is displayed on the RWR (Radar Warning Receiver), you will hear a new tone from the TWS (Threat Warning System).
                  * If a radar-guided missile is launched, you will hear a specific tone from the TWS. Remember: you will not hear a tone for heat-seeking missiles.
                  * The Radar Lock tone now works. You will now hear a specific tone when someone has a radar lock on your plane.
                  * The RWR returns to the default view 5 seconds after the Target Separate button is pressed. In addition, the button deactivates.

                  * If you are in Steerpoint autopilot, you will not be able to lock on a target with Mavericks. Please disengage the autopilot before engaging the target with Mavericks.
                  * You can damage runways (in addition to taxiways) with bombs.
                  * The designation and selection of targets with Mavericks, LGBs and ground radar has been fixed. If the cursors are over several closely spaced targets, the target closest to the center of the cursors will be selected.
                  * The laser pod gimbal limits have been fixed. In earlier versions, you could look beyond its realistic capabilities.
                  * AGM-88A HARMs now guide more accurately and thus are more effective.
                  * When you fire the last HARM, you can now change to other weapons, the cursors work and the game no longer occasionally crashes.
                  * You no longer have to cycle through weapons to designate and launch a second HARM.
                  * The frag pattern of penetration and cluster bombs has been corrected. This will reduce the likelihood of your plane taking damage when you drop penetration or cluster bombs.
                  * Rippled bomb drops are now scored correctly. You should no longer get debriefs that show one bomb hitting and the rest missing.
                  * BSU-49 and BSU-50 bombs now deploy parachutes.
                  * You can no longer set a ripple count for LGBs.
                  * You can now selectively jettison centerline stores (although not the ECM pod or the recon camera) by using the middle OSB. In earlier versions, you needed to press the OSB to the right.
                  * You will no longer hear a Sidewinder growl when no AIM-9 missiles are left.

                  ATC (Air Traffic Control)
                  * ATC now schedules flights to take off and land with appropriate spacing.
                  * You will now hear the clearance call for your plane from ATC (such as "Falcon 11, you are cleared to take off").
                  * ATC no longer orders planes that are out of fuel to clear the runway.
                  * If you are entering the sim to join a flight, the AI flight lead will wait at the hold short line (the double yellow line at the end of the taxiway) until you enter the plane.
                  * Wrong-way and off-runway takeoffs should no longer occur.
                  * ATC is less likely to scold you for not getting clearance to land even after ATC accepted your previous landing request.
                  * Taxiing flights will not pass stalled flights until at least two minutes have elapsed.
                  * Flights now wait for their flight lead before taking off.
                  * AI pilots will no longer taxi around their own wingmen.
                  * ATC will no longer scold you if you bounce your F-16 while landing.
                  * ATC issues proper landing and takeoff clearances.
                  * ATC now handles emergency landing requests more effectively.
                  * ATC now gives the correct vectors for landing.
                  * ATC no longer repeats the same call.
                  * ATC now directs you correctly right vs. left.

                  * Radio messages to the player are given the highest priority and will interrupt other messages.
                  * The frequency of radio messages repeating has been reduced.
                  * Radio channels now work correctly. For example, you will hear calls from AI aircraft to the tower if your radio is correctly set.
                  * Callsigns more accurately reflect the actual pilot now.
                  * Radio calls now use the correct order, addressing the recipient first and then identifying the caller.

                  AI Logic
                  * If wingman #2 or wingman #3 gets shot down, the next wingman in line will move into the vacant slot. For example, if you are wingman #3 and wingman #2 is killed, you will be placed into the wingman #2 slot and become the flight lead's wingman. The labels for the aircraft, however, will remain the same.
                  * AI pilots are now better at attacking designated targets, both air-to-air and air-to-ground.
                  * AI pilots will now engage and fire BVR (Beyond Visual Range).
                  * AI pilots behave more intelligently during dogfights, especially close-in dogfights.
                  * AI pilots will not rapidly fire air-to-air missiles in a dogfight.
                  * AI pilots do not "wiggle" their planes as much during dogfights.
                  * AI pilots now leave the fight when they run out of fuel.
                  * AI pilots now leave the fight when their planes are seriously damaged.
                  * You can now designate a target for your wingmen with any sensor, including HTS (HARM Targeting System). To tell AI-controlled aircraft to attack HARM targets, use your HTS to designate those targets.
                  * AI pilots now know how to use guided weapons (such as Mavericks, HARMs and LGBs) correctly.
                  * AI pilots now use air-to-ground weapons (including the recon camera) more effectively.
                  * AI pilots can now complete air-to-ground interdiction missions (such as Interdiction, BAI and SAD).
                  * AI pilots will no longer fire all their weapons at the same ground target.
                  * Wingman #4 should now obey orders to attack ground targets.
                  * On air-to-ground missions, AI pilots will now request permission to engage once they reach the IP (Initial Point). You no longer have to designate individual ground targets for the AI pilots; as long as they request permission first, they will attack once you give them the "Weapons free" command. Since CAS missions in Tactical Engagements do not create an IP automatically, however, you will need to manually order your wingmen to attack.
                  * AI pilots on a SEAD mission in Campaign will no longer loiter in the target area beyond the appropriate time.
                  * You must now command your wingman to return to base. Although they will request to RTB, they will not leave until you order them to do so.
                  * AI pilots will return to base when ordered. In earlier versions, they sometimes acknowledged the request but did not actually fly home.
                  * AI pilots should no longer taxi down runways in the wrong direction.
                  * AI pilots now wait longer on the taxiway for you to take off.
                  * AI pilots no longer return to base right after taking off.
                  * AI pilots now land more reliably.
                  * AI pilots now land their aircraft correctly with regard to approach speed and angle of attack.
                  * Ground traffic at airbases should no longer get cluttered (that is, fewer traffic jams on the taxiways).
                  * AI-controlled aircraft will no longer take off from destroyed runways.
                  * AI pilots no longer collide when changing formations.
                  * AI pilots now respond appropriately when you tell them to attack.
                  * AI pilots will now break off and look behind your plane when you radio "Clear six."
                  * AI pilots now give their correct fuel states when you radio them.
                  * AI wingmen now follow formation orders better.
                  * Wingman #4 will rejoin on his element lead instead of the flight lead when given the Rejoin command.
                  * AI pilots no longer call "Engaged defensive" while taxiing or on the ground.
                  * AI wingmen no longer collide with you.
                  * AI pilots are now better at avoiding the ground.
                  * AI pilots use afterburner more appropriately (for example, they do not use afterburner as much during non-combat flight).
                  * AI pilots no longer drive on the ground to Steerpoint 1 (they now fly to Steerpoint 2).
                  * Aircraft no longer end up inside another (either on the ground or in the air).

                  * If you radio "Request picture" to AWACS, AWACS will report the nearest planes.
                  * Threat calls from AWACS should now be more appropriate to the player regarding distance.
                  * AWACS should no longer vector you to a recently destroyed flight.
                  * AWACS now responds appropriately to the "Declare" radio command by calling out the target under your radar cursors.
                  * AWACS now correctly vectors players to threats and tankers.

                  * The Combat autopilot can no longer control the plane while blacking out or redding out.
                  * After you use the Combat autopilot, the SMS now shows the correct number of weapons. In earlier versions, the SMS would show zero after Combat autopilot use.
                  * The Combat autopilot's tendency to repeat the same radio call over and over while failing to attack a target (such as "Gypsy, gypsy, gyp-, gypsy 5") has been fixed.
                  * The Combat autopilot will no longer try to return to base when you press the Link button on the ICP.
                  * Toggling the autopilot off and on repeatedly while taxiing no longer causes the aircraft to teleport to a new location.
                  * The Combat autopilot now takes photos on BDA and recon missions.
                  * The Combat autopilot should no longer taxi down runways in the wrong direction.

                  * You can now "mouse look" around the cockpit. Hold down the right mouse button, and the cockpit view will automatically change as you move the mouse. The "mouse look" works in both the 2-D and 3-D Cockpit views.
                  * If you zoom in using the Look Closer command in Action view, the cockpit is no longer in zoomed-in mode when you return to the internal view.
                  * The Glance Forward function has been sped up to be more realistic and useful.
                  * Padlock sorting is now working correctly. You can now padlock onto missiles.
                  * If you padlock something behind you and then glance forward, the Target Designator box no longer appears in the forward view.

                  Campaign and Tactical Engagement
                  * The Mission Schedule now displays the correct takeoff time when a flight is edited.
                  * You will now see a message when a flight has been cancelled due to lack of pilots before you enter the loading screen. In earlier versions, the game would continue to the loading screen where you had to wait 5 minutes for a timeout.
                  * The mission debriefings should better reflect actual mission events.
                  * If you remove ECM pods during mission planning, they are no longer loaded on your aircraft.
                  * The settings in the Priorities dialog box now work correctly if you set Target Type, Mission Type or PAKs to zero. For example, if Target Type of "Radar" is set to zero, your squadron will not be assigned any anti-radar missions.
                  * The PAK settings in the Priorities dialog box are now saved.
                  * Package flights taking off from the same airbase will now take off as a group. ATC will group all the flights in a single package.
                  * Colonels (such as Klemmick and Bonanni) now die.
                  * Previously, Pilots Klemmick and Bonanni were duplicated (planes are now held with the label "Unassigned" until a pilot becomes available or until takeoff).
                  * The Debriefings now correctly list the player in the appropriate flight (for example, escort vs. strike).
                  * Pilots are no longer court-martialed for crashing a battle-damaged aircraft.
                  * The Campaign debriefing would previously report you as MIA (Missing in Action) even after you successfully completed a mission and landed.
                  * In Campaign, the Squadron History window now has the correct information for missions and ratings.
                  * In Campaign, the scroll bar for the Campaign Saved list now works.

                  Tactical Engagement Only
                  * When you create a mission, SAM units will snap to designated SAM sites or radar installations if placed within 20 miles of an appropriate site. In earlier versions, the SAM unit had to drive to the appropriate site after the mission started.
                  * Ground units can no longer be added while a Tactical Engagement mission is in progress.
                  * Ground units can no longer be moved when in play mode (vs. edit mode).
                  * Steerpoints for ground units can now be moved when in play mode.
                  * Ground units now move to their objectives.
                  * You can now assign a destination to ground units in earlier versions of the game.
                  * You can now right-click on a package icon or open the ATO window to edit flights in the package.
                  * The clock now works correctly (it will now go past Day 1).
                  * The game will no longer exit a Tactical Engagement landing mission if you request takeoff clearance when you touch the ground.
                  * In Tactical Engagement, the kneeboard map now displays correct information, including steerpoints.
                  * The F-22, EA-6B, B1B and Tu-95 aircraft are now available in Tactical Engagement. To learn more about these new planes, check out their Tactical Reference entries.
                  * There is new Help text for the Victory Condition window.
                  * The flameout and refueling training missions now start with the correct amount of fuel onboard.

                  * ACMI recordings now include aircraft flown by other human pilots (not just AI-controlled planes).
                  * The ACMI menu options no longer gets out of synch after you load another file.
                  * You can delete files from within the game by right-clicking on the filename in the Load dialog box and choosing "Delete." This means that you can now delete ACMI files from within Falcon 4.0.

                  * The Logbook now reports the correct number of flight hours, including in multiplayer games.
                  * In Logbook, Ace Factor now works correctly (it can be a value other than "1.0").

                  * In Setup, the sliders in the Graphics setup screen now correctly reflect the settings.
                  * In Setup, you can now choose from different joysticks in the Controllers screen. (This allows you to use a joystick other than the one set for ID 1.)
                  * In Setup, the Set AB setting is now saved from one game session to the next. The Set AB line, however, will revert to its default to show you the original afterburner setting.

                  * Bandwidth management has been improved, leading to better stability, more reliable connections and less warping.
                  * If the host of a multiplayer game exits Falcon 4.0, ownership of the game is transferred to another player. In earlier versions, the program would crash.
                  * If the host's computer does not receive any data from a client for one minute, the host's computer will automatically timeout that client.
                  * Ghost aircraft (either for humans or AIs) are no longer created.
                  * Restrictions on the number of players allowed in a multiplayer game are now implemented.
                  * Missiles, chaff and flares now display properly in multiplayer games.
                  * Tracer bullets from other player's planes are now correctly depicted re velocity.
                  * If you are in the user interface (not in the sim), the Comms button will blink when there's a new chat message.
                  * You will no longer enter the plane with the autopilot already engaged.
                  * The Chat window now automatically scrolls.

                  Multiplayer Dogfight
                  * If you "respawn" in a Furball or Team Furball game, the autopilot will no longer be automatically set to on.
                  * The Delete button in Dogfight no longer stays highlighted after you delete a pilot.
                  * In Dogfight, changing your starting location on the map works correctly.
                  * In Dogfight, the USA plane labels no longer change color.
                  * The instruments on the Situational Awareness bar no longer disappear in Dogfight once you respawn.
                  * You can press Alt-R in Dogfight games to toggle the score display.
                  * In Dogfight, you now correctly lose a single point if you eject or crash into the ground without being damaged.
                  * In Dogfight, all players should now see each other.
                  * Over a LAN, reentry issues within the Dogfight setup are fixed.
                  * In the Dogfight debriefing, ejecting without being damaged is now listed correctly in the Events list (rather than "Killed by debris").
                  * Scoring in multiplayer Dogfight games (including over a LAN) should now be correct.
                  * The airspeed readout on radar in multiplayer Dogfight games is now correct.
                  * Aircraft are now eliminated from a multiplayer Dogfight game when that machine crashes.
                  * The Event List in Dogfight no longer overwrites the text box.
                  * You can now exit a Match Play game without crashing the game.
                  * Players can no longer enter a Match Play game while it is in progress.
                  * If you die in a Match Play game, your view will switch to the Action view. You can then change to the Orbit View to watch the Match Play game.
                  * Match Play games now require at least two teams before you can start a session.
                  * A Match Play game score is determined 30 seconds after only one team is alive to allow for a draw condition.
                  * In a Match Play game, the Sierra Hotel screen always comes up now when the match ends.
                  * In a Match Play game over a LAN, both players and AI aircraft now respawn correctly.
                  * You can no longer give wingman commands in multiplayer Match Play when you are dead.

                  Multiplayer Tactical Engagement and Campaign
                  * All players will start a multiplayer mission by taxiing. The "Takeoff" and "Taxi" buttons have been removed for multiplayer.
                  * All machines (not just the host's) now see the correctly updated flights.
                  * Selecting an aircraft to fly is much faster now.
                  * You can now see and lock individual targets with ground radar. In earlier versions, you had to be within visual range before the ground targets deaggregated into individual units.
                  * Any player can join any F-16 flight on his team no matter which player created it.
                  * The mission clock is better synchronized so that guests do not get ahead of the host's computer.
                  * When you enter your plane in a multiplayer game, the aircraft will be stationary. In earlier versions, you would sometimes enter a moving aircraft and it could crash into something before you gained control of the plane.
                  * When a player exits Falcon 4.0, his aircraft (if flyable) can now be flown by another human pilot.
                  * The time compression rate is now selected correctly when players have different settings. The rate defaults to the slowest time compression chosen.
                  * ATC is improved in multiplayer missions and should now vector you correctly.
                  * ATC should no longer scold you for landing when you enter the simulation on the runway.
                  * Any player in a multiplayer Tactical Engagement can create flights. In earlier versions, only the host could create a flight.

                  Rules of Engagement
                  * The password function in Rules of Engagement has been implemented.
                  * The settings for Rules of Engagement now default to the host's last settings.
                  * The Rules of Engagement for multiplayer Tactical Engagement now work.
                  * The settings for Rules of Engagement should no longer get corrupted between multiplayer games.
                  * In Dogfight and Campaign, you will now always see the ROE (Rules of Engagement) screen if your settings do not match the host's requirements.

                  Chat in Multiplayer
                  * Chat messages in the sim now stay onscreen longer so you can read them. In addition, you will hear a beep when a new chat message appears.
                  * The chat window in the user interface now word wraps.
                  * Chatting within the simulation (Shift-T) now works correctly. Remember that if you want to talk to everyone (friendlies and enemies), you need to set your radio to the Broadcast channel (channel 6).

                  * At 1x magnification, aircraft now look correct when taxiing or on the ground. In addition, the height of their corresponding shadows has been corrected.
                  * In earlier versions, when you first entered the simulation, the 3-D models of aircraft were sometimes missing parts such as cockpits. This graphics glitch has been fixed.
                  * The frame rate while in the 2-D Cockpit has been improved.
                  * The special effects for sparks have been improved.
                  * Napalm explosions are improved.
                  * Explosions now look better on the water.
                  * Colors on the life raft and/or parachute no longer flash.
                  * The damage from bomb explosions (particularly napalm) are more realistic.
                  * In Software graphics mode, the white line between the horizon and ground is now fixed.
                  * In Software graphics mode, the missile trails are no longer white at night.

                  * The music files for awards and court-martials are now played.
                  * Engine sounds are now correct for each type of aircraft, including prop planes.
                  * The tire chirping sound no longer plays when the landing gear has been broken off.

                  * To display the frame rate counter, press Ctrl-Z, release the keys and then press "R."
                  * The game now checks for all the needed files when it launches and will prompt you to insert the game CD-ROM if it is needed.
                  * Text in editable boxes (such as the Phone Book) is now saved when you hit the OK button. In earlier versions, you had to first press the Enter key


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                    Yea, and that patch was WAY down the line from the release... LOL
                    Actually, I was a beta tester for Falcon during that period... there were probably 30 of us testing at any one time.. it was a lotta work but worth it...

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                      Quite a few of the issues with Falcon were hardware related in the terms that everyone had different stuff. Now-a-days, everyone has generally the same equipment, with generally the same set of drivers, which makes making the game easier. The issue I have with the software production companies is they get so caught up in making the game *graphically* superior that they forget people actually have to play it. I would much rather have a user-friendly interface, realistic AI, and as close as possible realistic weapons, aircraft, etc etc while sacrificing being able to see every leaf on every tree. I don't need that much detail at MACH 2.
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                        yeah guys i had falcon and i agree it needed alot of work. but for reasons which logical put forward. ubi soft have dont the same thing they did with raven shield....look at my graphics.. no dont worry tyhat you cant walk. and that was an actual problem in rvs.

                        they are lacking in technology to go as far as they want.. then dont go that far.



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                          I just realized that 1.02 has a long list of changes. Why is the version incrementing by 0.01? :P

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                              Because they plan on making lots of changes? I find that it will be well too late by that point though. The bugs will drive everyone batty just like Raven Shield and they will go find something else to complain about.
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