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A little treat for you all....he he he...

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  • A little treat for you all....he he he...

    Ok you guys.. I was thinking.. how could I help these guys appreciate LOMAC a little more, even its buggy state?? If only they could see how flight sims used to look...hmmm... VIOLA!!... dig dig dig... ahhh .. there it is!... OK this... unzip.. click Efalcon.exe... it will run fast on your machines (bearing in mind this was made for a 286 machine) and marvel in the wonder that flight sims used to be... LOL... enjoy guys...

    Chek6.... Fanatik

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    And I used to think this was the height of flight sim gaming lol. I get lower frame rates than lock on though! :shock:


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      nahhh sorry whats your point.

      i dont expect my new ford focus to chug along like a steam train just because it looks better than the old one.

      that game actually worked first time i ran it...

      lock on didnt.


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        No point dudeman... just trying to have some fun... sorry if I offended...


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          You gotta love those PC speaker sounds! Totally advanced!! :D

          - It's who you game with.


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            where did i say you offended me? all i did was point out that the game that was supposed to show us how lucky we are worked first time. and after the experience i had tonight with lomac. i think ill be playing the game alot more than



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              What problem are you having?


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                Originally posted by DudeMan
                i dont expect my new ford focus to chug along like a steam train just because it looks better than the old one.
                That will probably be the only time "steam train" and "Ford Focus" will ever be mentioned in the same breath.

                ...wait, I take that back. It might come up if a steam train ran one over.

                I run my $#@! new school style with old school roots...


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                  Although I have to admit the European version of the Focus is much better than the US version. Maybe that is the difference between German engineering and manufacturing and German engineering and Mexican manufacturing. I'm just trying to figure out where you are going to find a steam engine. Most of them are diesel/electric now. ;)
                  Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. - Douglas Adams


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                    we still have quite alot of steam trains in england, and the focuses are actually put together in england, or at least some of them are...

                    but i did notice we get alot of ford cars are better than yours, in the same mouth you get somee cars we dont even ssee.



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                      Originally posted by Goalie
                      What problem are you having?
                      you name it i have it....

                      loss of cockpit

                      cutting out in mission

                      graphics turn on and off

                      flying with hieght hold on and altimiter showing level and i crash into the floor... no not a muntin.

                      flipping russian planes out performing in everyway my plane...

                      btw its not my technique i get in a mig and i can smash the f15.

                      and lots lots more.. not to mention the fact that the game works half the time if i am lucky... at least this falcon works... bye going to play more falcon.. i am captin on this mission.





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