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  • worth it?

    I see you guys playing Lomac all the time and have thought about getting it, but I read that it's buggy and that the manual is non-existant. I feel like I wasted money on IL-2 for the exact same reasons...I could barely get the plane off the ground because the manual was so sketchy, and the tutorials usually just crashed. Pass.

    So what's the deal with Lomac? Get it? Wait for some patches? How about system specs? I understand it's pretty demanding.

    Also, I have an old thrustmaster Mark II FCS. Is that sufficient or do I need a whole damn hotas setup to handle the plane?



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    One thing that's for sure is we've been playing more LOMAC than IL2. It sure takes a lot of power to run nicely. Turning on options like AA and AF really take a bite out of your framerates. I've never tried the LOMAC demo but that might help you find out how well the final version will run.

    I think LOMAC is a bit more popular because of the co-op. It's easier to get together and teach each other how to fly. We had several sessions of learning how to lock on with mavericks and to do bombing runs. We'll definitely do it again for anybody new to the game. The tutorials are about the same as IL2. It's just some subtitles while you watch a plane fly. It was a little easier going through the LOMAC tutorials though. The next patch should fix the ones that aren't working properly right now (plane crashes). It's still best to go through the tutorials once or twice then fly with us to get a better understanding. It's so much easier when you can ask someone and they can explain it in several different ways.

    As for the joystick, I don't know how old it is but you don't need a HOTAS setup to enjoy a flight sim. I have a Saitek 3D Cyborg with 10 buttons and a hat switch. The more buttons you have on the stick, the easier it is to access things like chaff/flares or airbrake. Four buttons should be enough to fire, switch weapons, lock target and anything else you do often. The other things are for take off and landing and you do that one each during a mission. I program a button for TS since I hate using the mouse while flying and you use it probably more than firing. There are so many buttons that I prefer using the keyboard like an instrument panel. It's probably better with less on your joystick because there's less to program. I use the keyboard defaults so if you ever wonder how to do something we could say what keyboard key will do it.

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      I agree with Sarc... I have a pretty crappy joystick that is about a billion years old with a hat and 4 buttons and a throttle. I still have fun flying LOMAC and don't need a HOTAS. Your stick is more than enough for this game unless you are just die-hard about it feeling right. IL-2 never really interested me because it didn't feel right, but LOMAC has feel. You feel like you have a plane around you and that you are moving a whole lot of metal really fast through the sky. The demo is pretty much right on target in terms of how it will perform on your system. I suggest the A-10 demo to get a good feel of how ground targets are utilized in this game as well as give you a perspective on how it hits you graphically.
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        Ya agree with both sarc and logical....if ya wanna learn to fly any of the planes in IL2 just let me know be happy to meet up with and and show ya some stuff to help ya out. Currently the IL2 server is only in dogfight mode Big-B has had problems getting a third party campain generator to work so we can run coop. apparently the expansion for IL2 due out soon will contain alot more planes aswell as a DCG so we can play some coop. As it is you can only play so much dogfight before your board with it but it still a nice change much like GR TVT is nice change from coop.

        Lock on is a great game there are some issues but nothing that won't get patched up just like any other game. this game aswell doesn't have a DCG but for the moment we have a server all to ourself that the admins can access to change maps which is the only down side an admin has to be present inorder to change maps and restart mission. But hey it's better than nothing or having to always find someone capable of hosting.

        Give that Demo a try and if you can play decent with that then you will be able to run the retail version. once you get it a number of us will be able to teach you how to fly and target with both the A10 and the F15 and a few ppl are starting to learn and get use to some of the german and russian planes.


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          Yeah get it. It's a great game and we're loving it. If admins aren't present it's just as easy to host your own games and there are plenty of missions to download on the net.




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