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  • SB Pro PE update info/link

    The update is either at the official site or you can get it at my mirror:

    SB Pro PE 2.262 Update 4/30/2006

    ***** Before you begin - be sure to back up any files/work that you want to keep. This includes scenarios, terrain maps, etc. *****

    Save SBProPEUpdate2_262.exe to your computer

    Double click SBProPEUpdate2_262.exe.

    Start Pro PE and confirm that you have 2.262 in the upper right corner.

    Improvements/fixes since 2.251

    * Commander interior is now available in M3A2.
    * SB will compensate for some obsoleted texture file names in the themes. (SB will search for .jpg files if there is a non-existent .bmp file name listed.)
    * Added text display when vehicles are being resupplied or repaired.
    * Repair times are now not displayed if a required truck or ambulance is required for repair.
    * Fixed bug in which hull angular speed was affecting
    the lead calculations.
    * Fixed bug in which loadout of first-used ammo is reduced by one.
    * AAR reports are now saved on client machines, in addition to the host machine.
    * Fixed bug in which BMP-1 missiles start off flying too high and so don't recover in time to hit the target.
    * Fixed bug with joystick control of TC eye view on the FISTV.
    * Fixed bug in which the loader's interior when viewed from the Peri in the Leo2A5 was transparent.
    * Fixed bug in HE grenade / smoke ammo loadouts for Leo 2A5.
    * Made change to allow SB to be run on Windows98.
    * Glass of Mercedes no longer will look bright in thermal view.
    * Hot keys for GAS range adjustment was not working. This is now fixed.
    * Added 2-lane country paved road to map editor.
    * Fixed bug that caused massive explosion of 25mm HE round when hitting a soldier.
    * Fixed bug in which 25mm HE round was not exploding when hitting the ground.
    * Adjusted frame-rate smoothing algorithm for better performance.
    * Added hot key for Leo2A5 gunner's mag toggle (since it was interfering with the 1st-return hot key for the 2a5).
    * Fixed bug in which alternate vehicles in column formation to not scan to the left.
    * Modified AI driver behavior for column formation when halted. Now drivers will move towards the column line rather than waiting for the lead vehicle to move out.
    * Fixed bug in which old missions with troops had squad sizes of 16, rather than 6.
    * Fixed bug in classroom version in which TC pulled gunner off of target when target was given an offset (deflection of shot) in the mission editor.
    * Fixed bugs with map graphics not being properly sent over the network to other machines.
    * Added buttons in score windows to move sub-scores up and down to re-arrange their order.
    * Fixed bug with ground texture caching that caused missions that use the same piece of terrain, but different terrain themes, to have distant ground terrain look messed up.
    * Fixed problem with T72 armor settings that left it vulnerable from the front.
    * Position of vehicles in AAR are more accurately recorded now, so that corresponding hit rays match up more correctly.
    * Non-lethal hits that happen to hit a vehicle when it is killed will no longer be recorded in the AAR as an event to avoid confusion over what killed a vehicle.
    * Fixed bug that was causing CC gunners to aim too low.
    * Fixed new bug that caused infantry to flicker.
    * Fixed bug in evaluating conditions with "total strength" sub condition.
    * Reduced time for coax repair to 50 seconds.
    * Map damage will now be passed down to attached troops.
    * Extended option in mission editor to restrict map updates and map view to all Pro verssions of SB.
    * Modified vehicle behavior on bridges.
    * Added option in Option Screen to select between jpg and bmp image formats for screen shots.
    * Fixed bug that allowed artillery to be called when no artillery support was given in the mission editor.
    * Adjusted distance intervals for artillery observation, correction, and range bracketing.
    * Changed main loop so that SB will continue to run when minimized during a network session. SB will pause when minimized if not connected to a network session. (SB minimizes when it loses focus in full-screen mode.) Added back ability for SB to be minimized in windowed mode (by clicking on SB icon in Windows toolbar).
    * Corrected some misnamed Finnish voice files.
    * Credits music will play just once now (no looping).
    * Fixed bug in which infantry could fire when in water.
    * Vehicles will now try to avoid detached turrets from destroyed tanks.
    * Adjusted LOS settings through forests to make computer controlled units less likely to see an enemy through a forest.
    * Changed rendering of ground-clutter objects to reduce rendering anomalies of large ground-clutter objects.
    (Ground clutter is NOT supposed to be large, but there are too many maps being created with large ground clutter to use ignore this.) Frame rates will be reduced in some cases now because of this change. (If frame rates are too low, try setting the detail level to Medium or Low in the Options Screen.)
    * Infantry will fire ATGMs higher at targets that are behind ridges.
    * Increased maximum climb angle for TOW missile.
    * Revised armor values for Bradley and Mercedes.
    * Modified adjust-fire model for artillery so that the direction line displayed in the window is the direction to target, not the direction to the arty field.
    * Adjusted timer code to better handle multi-processor machines.
    * Fixed bug that prevented the HIND from firing at enemies at times.
    * Computer controlled commanders will button up in forests more readily when moving to prevent getting hurt by branches.
    * Main gun is now visible from the unity sight.
    * GAS sight now properly slaved to main gun.
    * Changes made to replace theme command - in some cases the new ground clutter was not changed in the 3D view after application.
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