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1.02 Patch update

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  • 1.02 Patch update

    Looking good so far regarding the F-15. Here's a list of new bug fixes posted on the lockon forums by Carl.

    I received the latest version of the V1.02 Beta this evening. I' have only had a chance to play for a few hours.

    Things the I have noticed or verified:

    - F-15C Radar and AIM-120 performance vastly improved. No more blank BVR mode after switch to other modes and then coming back. RWR and TWS worked great tonight.

    - Weapons release and gun trigger are now separated for the Western aircraft. You can assign whatever key or joystick button you want to release missiles, rockets, or bombs. It works, I verified it tonight. This will mean that you are going to have to reconfigure your input setups for those of you that have customized.

    - Padlock now has a cycle capability where each time you hit the padlock toggle key it cycles between whatever targets are in visual range and in your field of view. Breaking padlock in now a separate key. Again, you will need to take a look at how you have things configured.

    - Russian ECM is not as powerful.

    - New axis functions available.

    There are plenty of other things on the list but until I have seen them working myself or they have been properly verified by the Testers, I am not going to discuss them.

    Performance seemed very good but I didn't take any measurements. Hopefully we will have some multiplayer testing this weekend as there are some MP fixes on the list, but until I see them I am not going to say what.

    Not much of a report, but it looks pretty damn good so far. We appreciate your patience.


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    Re: 1.02 Patch update

    My pickle button is going to work now! Yay!
    I run my $#@! new school style with old school roots...


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      Re: 1.02 Patch update

      No joke... and we can actually target Russians when they have their ECM on.
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        Re: 1.02 Patch update

        When's the patch available?


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          Re: 1.02 Patch update

          :icon14: Kool Firday night I can play and test these new changes out ! But Im still in the competion with the IL-2 planes :icon26:


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            Re: 1.02 Patch update

            No official time frame for the patch yet. Since it's gone to the beta testers hopefully it won't be too much longer if nothing new crops up.




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