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  • FPS increase for Lock On

    1.) Bobocop's overcast low/med resolution clouds. They are included in the LOMAN program which you can get here:

    2.) Set water to low/medium. There is a good replacement low water texture in LOMAN also.

    3.) Open the graphics cfg file with notepad, scroll down to LandLodDistances, and edit the LandDay values TO:

    L01 = 8000;
    L12 = 15000;

    these are the same values as LandNight,
    you can also try changing the MFD a bit further down in the same list. If you dislike the blurring you can also increase the L12 texture to 25000 which reduces blur considerably but still gives a good fps increase. See this thread for more details:

    4.) Get rid of the shaders used on the flare trails. See this thread for more info:

    5.) Turn off Anistro Filtering. There is a bug that makes canopy scratches look like spider webs with it on anyways.

    6.) Obvious stuff: turn detail down if you are still getting stuttering, lower resolution, turn off FSAA.

    7.) In BIOS make your graphic aperture 64 MB if you have 256 RAM, 128 for 512-768 RAM, and 256 for 1GB+.

    8.) Close background programs with ENDITALL

    9.) Go into your start menu and go to run, type dxdiag and go into sound properties and turn sound acceleration off.

    10.) Set game to 16 bit color.

    11.) There is a memory leak issue. Alt-tab out of the game in the menu before starting up a mission or between missions and alt-tab back. This seems to improve performance.

    12.) The infamous DLL trick. Basically you replace the DLL graphics renderer file in the LOMAC directory with the one specific to your card. Personally I think it's just a BS placebo effect, but there are people who swear by their lives that it works. See this thread:

    13.) After reading this tread:
    (disable pixel shaded flares) i did some experiment to try to improve the FPS during
    explosions:to disable some FPS challenging pixel
    shaded special effects,you can rename the following files in X:\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\LockOn\Bazar\Effects\RenderEffects\Shader s=
    Smoke Particle.psh
    Smoke Particle.vsh
    This mod will improve the FPS a during the first phase of the explosions (you can now fly through smoke)

    Hope this helps.



    Thanks to T-Bone from the lock on forums.

    PS - can this be sticky'd and can you add me as a forum admin so I can do it myself?


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    Lock On Performance

    Originally posted by Indy_BIA:
    LoMac in general is CPU intensive. When you enter a battlefield every shot fired by both you and the AI has to be tracked. The more firing that is happening the more your CPU has to track. Each cluster out of your bomb is tracked, every shell, what is blowing up and where, etc... So even though your graphics card draws the picture, that picture is assigned a cycle and everything in that cycle is tracked by your main CPU.

    quote:Originally posted by BlitzPig__Sal:
    To expand a little in Indy's explanation...

    Lock On taxes the CPU to draw lots of 3D objects, and to manage AI behavior, radar simulation, cockpit simulation and stuff like that.

    The reason why clouds and smoke are demanding is most likely due to transparancy. Whenever you have a texture that is partially transparent, the graphics engine has to perform extra calculations on all the pixels in the environment that you see through a transparent object. Luckily for us, this type of calculation can be offloaded to the graphics processor, but that means that the performance is dependent upon the power of your video card.

    So the simple answer is that objects and sim stuff is dependent on CPU and graphic effects like water, smoke and clouds are processed by your graphics card.

    Memory plays a part in all this by holding textures and sounds. More memory will enable your computer to have all the textures almost instantly available so if you fly over a vehicle, the skins can be pulled straight from memory and your computer doesn't have to use its slow hard drive.

    But, a fast hard drive is also necessary to load all the data into memory for the first time anyway, so a fast hard drive that has been defragmented will also help performance.

    quote:Originally posted by GrishaYakushev:
    The last post is very good, so I just write it simplier:

    Most CPU demanding options:
    - Scenes
    - Civilian Traffic
    - Visibility Range

    Most video card demanding options:
    - Water
    - Advanced Fog
    - Heat Exhaust
    - Full Shadows
    - Effects

    Most memory demanding options:
    - Scenes
    - Textures

    Most mainboard (bus) demanding options:
    - Scenes
    - Visibility Range

    in any case, active warfare demands better CPU
    many different objects acting in mission demand more memory

    the preload radius is designed to reduce run-time resource load, but if you have relatively low system specs it's useless (the loaded resources will go into swap anyway).

    that's all, folks
    with respect
    Grisha, developer




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