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  • Latest news on 1.02 patch...

    Ok guys... here is the latest as of today, 3-15-04, hot from Unisoft:

    Hello everyone,

    Below is a run-down of the items currently addressed in the Lock On v1.02 patch (currently around 32 MB). Please bear in mind that this list is by no means complete and several items will still be added before we consider it ready to go. As to when that will be, just as soon as we feel it is complete and addresses the major issues that we wanted to address for this patch. Hang in there please.


    The F-15C will now automatically transition from Home On Jam (HOJ) to an STT radar lock when ECM burn-through has been achieved

    Increased F-15C ability to burn-through ECM to 25 - 30 nm

    Adjusted navigational information for MiG-29A, C, G, Su-27, and 33. Velocity indicator now
    shows speed discretely (10 kph, 10 kts for MiG29G) Altitude indicator: Barometric discretely 10 meters (100 feet for MiG29G), Radio Altimeter altitude also discretely for Metric 1 meter, Imperial 10 feet

    Added a data exporting tool for user-made cockpits, etc. Lock On will call Lua functions defined in the Config/Export/Export.lua script. Data export is disabled by default in the Config/Export/Export.lua script. This will be of use for home-cockpit builders

    The Minimum Range Staple (MRS) and the Desired Release Cue (DRC) symbols have been added to
    the A-10 HUD when in bombing mode

    Continuously Computed Release Point (CCRP) (aka aeronautical bombing mode) has been added to the Russian aircraft

    Changed A10 HUD in that the gun is always enabled in AG and AA modes

    When a weapon type is depleted, another weapon type will not be automatically selected

    Fixed inability of some joysticks to use gun trigger correctly

    Added + over padlocked target

    Airspeeds on the HUD are now displayed in Indicated Air Speed

    The static C-130 objects now render correctly

    The A-10A can no longer fire its gun with weight on wheels

    Re-enabled mini-HUD for all aircraft

    Backspace key in the F4 mode check six rear view

    Increased air-to-air missile effectiveness, including active seeker systems like AIM-120

    Assigned Release weapon function to the joystick BUTTON 2 by default. Moved Change weapon function to the BUTTON 4

    Players can see each others smoke rockets online

    Clients now receive air defense unit radar warnings on there RWR

    New controller axis:
    Trim Pitch
    Trim Roll
    Trim Rudder
    Radar Slew Horizontal
    Radar Slew Vertical
    TDC Slew Horizontal
    TDC Slew Vertical

    Scenes and Traffic setting option now save correctly

    Reduced radar lock range of Russian aircraft to .85 of radar detection range

    If Russian aircraft loses radar lock, the EOS sensor will attempt to continue lock if range

    Like the real aircraft, Russian aircraft will now lose radar lock if they roll more than 110-degrees

    Fixed aircraft velocity and target velocity indicators for Russian HUDs

    Range bumping on F-15C VSD has been corrected and TDC is reset to center of VSD after a range bump

    Increased the thickness of the RPI, RTR, and RMIN lines on the F-15C's HUD DLZ

    Re-made Mach number indication for Su-27/33, MiG-29 and F-15C

    Disabled ability to re-arm when landing outside an airfield

    Trim speed has been increased

    Removed chaff and flares from MiG-25P / RBT

    Enabled force feedback trim effect

    Implemented gain parameters for force feedback effects

    Enabled cockpit camera control with joystick axis when cockpit mouse view option is off

    Changed joystick polling algorithm

    Restored mouse zoom limits in the cockpit

    Restored object crash in external view

    Fixed picture of M-818 in AWACS view

    Fixed bug regarding Betty voice after switching aircraft

    Invulnerable flag setting is corrected

    Ground based SAMs now work correctly when enemy ships are in the mission

    Corrected crash in third mission of F-15C campaign

    Fixed the plane velocity and target velocity indicators on Russian planes HUD

    Missile will not change target unless there are flares or chaffs in the field of view

    Mixed loadouts have been corrected in the Fast Battle Planner

    All sounds are silenced when the game is paused

    Tracks now play back correctly when using trim and a force feedback joystick

    Hide objects are no longer displayed in F10-view and briefing views

    Fixed error with broken tracks when user presses Cancel in save menu after Video Edit

    Added new pilot Robin SPIDEOG Byrne to the Logbook

    Launch zone for SAMs now a factor in targets altitude and aspect

    Missile trails and explosions are not affected by options settings now

    Increased ability of point-defense gun systems to intercept various air targets

    Changed ship guns so that they orient in the correct direction

    Fixed bug with objects disappearing from view

    Fixed synchronization at the start of a LAN Game

    Reduced default external zoom speed. Made cockpit zoom speed and external zoom speed configurable in the Config\View\View.cfg file

    Infrared seekers now have difficulty locking on to a target when the Sun is in the seekers field of view

    Corrected incorrect zoom-in external views for track playback if zoom was changed when paused while recording

    Mouse disabled while TrackIR is in enhanced mode

    Changed cockpit and external object camera movement according to a logarithmic acceleration rate. Made separate camera keyboard control acceleration parameters for cockpit and external views (see Config\View\View.cfg for details, please).

    Decreased explosion sizes

    Integrated scripted language Lua 5.0 to the project. Moved view config parameters from the

    Config\View\View.cfg to the Config\View\View.lua file. Renamed Config\View\View.cfg to Config\View\Labels.cfg

    Decreased cockpit camera rotation speed for absolute axis (TrackIR and joystick) by three

    Fixed bluish look to the F/A-18A/C canopy glass reflection

    Fixed problem with assigning Mission Editor Objectives to static objects

    Added wind dependency for calculated shell impact point

    Restricted cockpit and external camera moving acceleration time. Added corresponding parameters to the Config\View\View.lua

    When the player ejects, the external view changes to the parachute

    Reduced fogging distance for ATI Radeon cards

    Corrected F-15C elevation scan zone

    Added trim lights in the Su25 cockpit

    Fixed the F-15C Flood mode bug when several targets in Flood cone simultaneously

    Static vehicles explode and burn after destruction now

    Static ships sink now

    Separated mouse speed parameters for cockpit and external views in the Config/View/View.lua

    Alt - Key Pad 1-9 move pan base in the cockpit view. Ctrl - Key Pad 1-9 or joystick hat make
    pan steps relatively to current pan base

    Shells persistency increased from 3.5s to 6s and unguided rockets persistency has been doubled

    Renamed Config/View/LookJump.lua to Config/View/SnapViews.lua. Added script files for different view types, moved some parameters from the Config/View/View.lua to corresponding files

    Western systems now use imperial units in the information data bar

    Corrected difficulty settings in a LAN Game

    Disabled force feedback effects during track play back

    Fixed bug regarding air-to-air gun pipper for Russian aircrafts (different indication limits between gun pipper and target designation box)

    Added working clock to the main menu screen

    Improved Quick Start missions for the F-15C and A-10A

    Matt "Wags" Wagner
    Producer / Ubisoft

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    Thanks Fanatik.




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