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FYI, new Navy game gone gold...

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  • FYI, new Navy game gone gold...


    Charlottesville, Virginia

    For Immediate Release:

    “I hear the mutter of distant guns, which call and call to me,

    Singing: "Come! The day is here for which you have waited long."

    From the poem Guns at Sea, Imtarfa, 1917.

    The words of this great poem are so perfect for today! Storm Eagle Studios is proud to announce that our debut title, Distant Guns: The Russo-Japanese War at Sea, has gone GOLD!

    The release of this first installment marks the beginning of a new chapter in historical gaming! Built on the Next Gen 3D Distant Guns engine, The Russo-Japanese War at Sea delivers all the action you would expect from a top notch 3D simulation combined with all the detail you would expect from a serious historical simulation. The result is an engrossing blend of both that lets the gamer have as much or as little as they choose.

    Jim Rose, Kapellmeister of Storm Eagle Studios, said “Our efforts have delivered very large dividends. We have labored long and paid very close attention to all the details. This combined with our new Direct Delivery System have resulted in a whole new approach to historical gaming. Distant Guns: The Russo-Japanese War at Sea is just the tip of the spear. In the coming months, we will be introducing exciting new titles, designed to deliver the ultimate in 3D gaming.”

    Norm Koger, Maestro of Storm Eagle Studios, said “At long last, the Russo-Japanese War is receiving the treatment it deserves: a no-holds-barred, cinematic quality, play experience. As our first offering, Distant Guns: The Russo-Japanese War at Sea says a lot about the direction in which we plan to take computer wargaming over the next few years. So expect fresh, new topics, exotic names and places, and of course: the call of Distant Guns.

    We cordially invite media outlets interested in reviewing Distant Guns: The Russo-Japanese War at Sea to respond to the email link [email protected] with a review request. Please include the name and email information of your designated reviewer.

    Distant Guns Info Page Press Office Link

    Distant Guns Screen Shots Wave 2 Storm Eagle Press Kit Link

    Distant Gun Panel Shots Link


    Jim Rose – Kapellmeister Norm Koger – Maestro

    Storm Eagle, Storm Eagle Studios, and Distant Guns are Registered Trademarks of Albireo Studios, L.L.C.

    P.O. Box 146 Free Union, Virginia 22940
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.



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