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ME tips - Placing SAM sites

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  • ME tips - Placing SAM sites


    Ironhand over on the lock on forums has provided this tip for SAM emplacement. He also has a site where you can DL training tracks which by all accounts are very good. Link to these at the bottom.

    Thanks to Ironhand.

    quote:Originally posted by LomacFan:

    I found somewhere on the net that one or more of the S-300PS SAM systems in Flanker 2 was NON-FUNCTIONAL and was wondering if anyone really knows if these systems do work in Lock-On? I have tried do make some missions with these and can't get them to fire at all. It seems like some systems need a LN and a SR together to work as a launcher and a search radar pair. I've tried that too for these but no luck.

    Anyone who can help more in deep how to use these and which pairs need to be present to make them attack?


    I never bother using the prefabricated S-300 "Complex" the others have mentioned. I always build the site myself (because I like to see all the radar symbols displayed--CS, BB, and 10 when I'm out Grumble hunting in the A-10). The "Complex" doesn't do that but, custom built, it works just fine. Just be sure to include all the elements in the same group. Otherwise they don't communicate and nothing happens. BTW, be sure to include the 64H6E, 40B6MD, and 40B6M in the group along with either the 5P85C or 5P85D launcher vehicles.

    To set it up, place the new "ground vehicle" on the map and select the 64H6E as the unit type and select it's ability level. Now increase the unit count to however many total vehicles you want so that you end up with, for example, 9 64H6Es. Go back and change the 2nd 64H6E to a 40B6MD, and the 3rd 64H6E to a 40B6M. Make the remaining 64H6Es launchers. Finally, if you want to set it as a stationary launch complex, position the units where you want them on the site.

    And I concur with the's a mean MoFo. But I'm meaner. Happy hunting.


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