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  • *New Mission* - Payback

    NOTE: The briefing is in depth but there is a summary at the bottom for those that just need the specifics.


    In an unprecedented show of good faith and continued relations the Russians have invited us to help them in their war on terror. The White House is stepping up on this and have decided that a Russian fighter contingent should aid US forces.

    The 42nd Tac-G Squadron has been sent to Adler airbase near the Georgian border. From there we will strike back against Georgian terror cells. It seems the Georgian government is distancing themselves from the situation and not doing enough. The Russian government has decided it's time to strike back and with the help of allied forces they hope to show the Georgian government that they stand strong with the west on this issue and force the Georgians to take the issue more seriously.

    Russian intelligence has learned that a pair of An-26B "Curl-A" transport aircraft will be leaving Gudauta airbase at 17:00hrs. On those planes we believe are nerve agents and weapons destined for cells operating along the Georgian border. We also have good information that a high ranking leader amongst the organisation will be on that plane.

    Its destination the the airport at Dranda. Those planes must never touch down.

    The chemicals we believe are being housed near Gudauta airbase. Those have been targeted for elimination. As a secondary objective we need you to also destroy the supply depot to the airfield. Make sure you study the map carefully to work out how best to use your ordnance.

    An A10 flight will also be along for the ride for a "wild weasel" mission. You should stagger your take off 30 seconds apart or longer to allow the SEAD operation time to take out those air defences. For this the EAD's have been split down the middle between the southern and northern defences. make sure you attack your designated targets before engaging other hostiles.

    Two flights of F15's will be tasked with destroying the transports and providing CAP respectively.

    Your flight has been timed to arrive at the AO to coincide with the transports take off. At this point the A10's and F15's should try to coincide there attack to cause maximum confusion to the enemy. To enable a surprise attack, all A10 flights will make there way through the mountains to come out almost on top of the enemy.

    The F15's will need to move swiftly. Those transports are headed to Dranda where the Georgians have one of our own Hawk Missile Defence Systems - it seems the Turks have been doing some business with their neighbour.

    Once those transports get in its protective zone it will make your job harder so watch yourselves out there.

    Good luck men, it's time to get some payback.


    (Note: This should be the order of flight in the MP selection screen)

    * Enfield 11/12 - Provides SEAD for Springfield 11/12 & Uzi 11/12

    * Springfield 11/12 - Destroy Chemical factory and storage facility

    * Uzi 11/12 - Cripple the supply depot to the airfield.

    * Colt 11/12 - Destroy enemy transports and provide CAP

    * Dodge 11/12 - Provide CAP

    * A10's will reach AO as Transports take off. Coincide your attack with F15's for maximum confusion.

    * Give SEAD flight at least a 30 second lead over other A10's. SEAD flight will split the target down the middle - attack your designated targets only before engaging other targets.

    * Warning: Dranda airport has Hawk Missile Defence System.

    * You may need to use the mountains to make your withdrawal to avoid enemy fighters.


    At least 6 people are needed to play this mission and you guys will of course be the "beta bombers" on this one. 2 F15's, 4 A10's.

    Coming soon - "Spearhead"

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    Re: *New Mission* - Payback

    I like missions with more than 2 F15's! We might really suck that day and need the extra fighter support. :)

    - It's who you game with.




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