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SOP's for IL2 and Lomac

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  • SOP's for IL2 and Lomac

    This thread will appear in the lomac forums as well.

    In keeping with the spirit here at TG I'm wondering if we should add some SOP's to the game. I'd like your input as to yay or nay and if yay what you would like to see. I don't see these as becomming too complicated like say, GR, but it might be good to have a few ground rules so we can feel more like a squadron perhaps.

    give me some feed back on what you think. To start I was thinking of very basic SOP's in no particular order;

    1) Dead Players - Once your dead you remain dead for co-op missions and dead men don't talk.

    2) A Sqaudron Commander should be picked (or whatever the correct terminology is for that rank from that period) to direct the battle and make a rudimentary plan for the rest of the squadron.

    3) Attempt to use the slang from the era to give the whole thing a little more flavour (I'll try and find some Brevirty codes used for that period)

    4) ...

    SOP's don't have to be a part of this at all btw - it's just an idea to see what you guys think and want. Give it some thought and let me know.


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    Re: SOP's for IL2 and Lomac

    1) Agree

    2) Definitly agree

    3) this could be very interesting and alot of fun

    Suggest we add a 2-5 minute or less time frame for ppl who drop from the connection or Crash on take off some missions can be pretty long for someone to sit around and wait. Just a thought lets see how everyone feels about this.


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      Re: SOP's for IL2 and Lomac

      I answered Jex's post in the LOMAC forum already, but forgot to add one other thing: we really should start (for those that haven't already) flying on FULL realism settings, meaning no external views, limited ammo, etc. If we ever decide to fly in any half-way serious tourneys out there, you can bet that these are the settings that will be used. Might as well "do as the Romans....", before bad habits set in, and we have the "deer in headlights" look when we're forced to fly under realistic conditions. Since we can tailor-make missions now, I'm sure we can make some that are doable when there is only a small number of people playing, instead of expecting 3 people to take on waves and waves of bombers, and being out of ammo before 2 minutes has gone by....


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        Re: SOP's for IL2 and Lomac

        the only problem i can see with limited ammo is this A) you can't land and reload atleast not that i'm aware of like in lomac. B) it takes like 250,000 hits to bring down one AI plane (it's abit rediculous none the less untill AI planes react the same as player planes do when shot i think unlimited ammo should stay.

        An example of this would be me and Dude trailing a bf109 the other nigth comming in on each others six and breaking off as the other moved in all we saw was chunks of plane flying off this guy holes all through him and smoking and the AI plane still flew and manouvered like it had not been hit all and continued for a good 5 minutes before finnally going down




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