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  • Training mission requests/ideas/thoughts

    Blind and I (and soon to be joined by DudeMan and ShadowRip) have a basic grip on using the mission editor, and are able to do some basic scripting anyway. I think that this can be a great tool that we can use to make "training missions" for us here at TG. I just want to get a sense of what it is that our fellow flyers would like to hone their skills on. I've made some ground attack missions, using some of the more popular planes from both sides. What else would people like to see? Bomber attack practice? Dog fighting (the enemy planes can actually be made weaponless)? Are there specific planes you would like to use and practice with?

    Anyway, give any ideas/suggestions here.

    For the actual "basics of flying", it might be a good idea if we set up some impromptu sessions with some of our better pilots here (don't look at me, I still break my landing gear half the time when touching down :icon7: ), and we can bounce questions off them, get tips, etc. I don't want people to give up on this sim because they are frustrated when trying to fly. "Jump in and learn as you go" is fine and well-meaning, but it is much more constructive to take the time and find out what specifically someone is having difficulty with, and work with them. Constantly crashing, stalling, or dying early just turns people off games like this--except for me, I just keep coming back for more!!!! :icon_lol:

    None of us are aces here, and more often that not the trainer learns as much as the trainee. :icon12:



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