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  • What you can do to practice

    Practice is all well and good but you need to take time to practice elements of flight by yourself.

    As well as refuelling without any aids, here is a list of other manoeuvres you can try;

    - Quarter Rolls. Turn right 90 degs and stop dead. Turn right again 90 and stop dead (inverted now), 1 more right and stop dead, and finally back around 90 to come level again.

    - Inverted flight - Go on, turn it upsaide down and take it under those pylon wires. Practice inverted flight and see how the aircraft responds to rudder input and turns.

    - Airelon rolls - simple to do. Just apply full left or right stick with no up or down input. remember that you will loose height. If low pull the nose up a little before you start. As you roll inverted push the stick forward to help maintian your altitude.

    - Barrel rolls. This can be acheived in various ways. Technically you should start a slow roll (minimal JS input either left or right and then pull all the way back on the stick. Practice making slower rolls and faster rolls by adjusting both axis of input. When you are familar with that try using the rudder and see how that affects the roll.

    - Side flight. With a combination of rudder and joystick inputs it is possible to acheive level flight side on. First off go to the default cockpit zoom by pressing Enter on the keypad. Centre view with '5' on the keypad. Turn 90o left or right. Use the rudder to raise the nose. Look where you Flight Path Indicator is pointing and with the rudder settle it on pitch ladder on the horizon point (i.e. 0 degrees pitch). Once that is achieved apply downward force on the joystick (or trim) to stop the turn. You should now be side on, level flight without turning. Use a runway as a reference point so you can easily see if you flying straight - fly sideways down the runway.

    - Loops. These are simple to do but make sure when you start the loop you are at level flight and when going through the loop keep those pitch bars level. Practice half loops too - see how much height you gain and loose at different speeds

    - Hammerhead (or Immelman Turn). Pull up so you're point straight up - look over you shoulder so you know you are going straight up. As you aircraft nears its stall speed apply full left or right rudder until you're pointing straight down again.

    - Low level flight - fly as low as you can. use your flight path indicator to aid you. Try some airelon rolls.



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